Super Nap!

Tuesday 19 June 2012

He stayed up late last night coz he had a good nap and woke up early too. After lunch he asked me if I could go upstairs with him coz he wants to take a nap. He even asked me to read him a book when we got there. But after the story he asked to borrow the iPad and he watched the alphabet train for several times. After this he asked to come down. Grrrr, I really wanted him to take a nap!

I asked him if he wants a bath and he said yes. He played in the bath for a while then asked for a shower. After that he went to the sofa and asked if he can watch the Thomas movie, Day of the Diesels. Not long after the movie started he was yawning, and soon enough was fast asleep! Kaloka! 

I knew he was tired and sleepy, pero like most kids, mas gusto pa yung pinapahirapan ang sarili! I was able to cook dinner, wash the dishes and he was still asleep. Papa E and I even finished dinner and he was still asleep! Super tired talaga ang bata.

Sarap ng pwesto! 

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