Leap Frog, Tag

Saturday 16 June 2012

These are some of the pressies that Poj received for his birthday. (Thanks Kuya Cayden and Kian).  He loves his books kaya super patok sa kanya ito.

I love the weekends coz Papa E is here and I can spend more time with Poj when he plays. The Leap pen works by reading out the words on the page or emitting the sounds on the page i.e. train whistles or the sound of the engine. You only need to download each book from the website and your good to go.

I rotate his toys so that he gets a chance to play with all of them. But when he's in the mood to read, I try to drop what I'm doing and sit down with him. I find that he tends to stick to the book more when I sit beside him. 

He loves all of them but I'm sure you know which one's his favourite. The junior leap books are more age appropriate too so I would buy him a couple more just to get used to it more and then move to the Tag books. Hay, my baby is growing up fast! 

I love weekends =)

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