Feeling Much Better

Thursday 16 June 2012

I'm happy to share that Poj is feeling a lot better today. Papa E still took the day off, unfortunately had to miss an important meeting at work, but we weren't sure how Poj would be today.

They spent the day at home, and I know that times such as these where it's just the two of them are precious.

And since parehong mahilig sa noodles ang mag-ama, ito ang hinanda nilang dinner for today, Chicken noodles with pak choi. It was delish!

Thank you po at magaling na si Poj namin. He just told me when I tucked him to bed that he needs to go to nursery tomorrow coz his bestfriend Imogen misses him =) Haha! I'm pretty sure he means he miss her, lol.

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