Kit Kat Cake

Saturday 21 April 2012

We attended a triple birthday celebration today =)  It was our friend, Tantan's birthday as well as his 2 boys. Kian, our inaanak turned ONE and their first born Cayden is now THREE.

The original plan was to have lunch at the Bella Italia Restaurant and a dessert picnic at one of the beautiful gardens in Romsey. But the weather was the same as it was for the whole of April, so we proceeded to their house for dessert and dinner. It was the best decision as it was still too cold to stay outdoors and not to mention the on & off rain.

We made a cake for the boys, and since I didn't have much time I decided to make one which was similar to my Easter Sunday cake (click here for the pic and recipe). But instead of using Cadbury chocolate fingers I used Kitkat chocolates as the fence and a combination of Smarties and generic coated chocolates. And since I know that the boys love Disney Cars, I added three Cars designed chocolate lollipops as decors. I finished it off by recycling the ribbon that I used last time.

It was perfect for the Cars designed candles they had ready. And as you can see ont he picture, Cayden couldn't keep his eyes off his cake!

It was a lovely day with lots of food, stories and laughter. It's hard to imagine that we were just together last week for Papa E's birthday party and yet we still had lots to talk about! Great time indeed! =)

Happy Birthday once again to Tantan, Cayden and Kian. xoxo


  1. I couldn't imagine how life would be away from home without trusted friends. You're lucky you got them, talaga yatang ganun pag palagay na ang loob sa isa't isa sis, parang hindi mauubusan ng pag-uusapan. Hehe. #Nakarelate hehe. 

    Parang hook na hook si Cayden sa cake. titig na titig. Ang I though the cars characters are the lollipops candles pala yun, hehehe.

  2. Krizzy_kalokangPinay23 April 2012 at 22:19

    So true sis. In the afternoon they took out old albums and it was just great that you know each other from way back. It's always great to meet new friends but may comfort and easy feeling when you're around people you've known for years.

    He liked the cake, thank goodness. =)

  3. Very inspiring tong KitKat cake mo, sis!
    I shall make one, one day :) 
    Thanks for sharing the direction and recipe ":)