Kiddie Pizza

Friday 8 June 2012

We're on a high spirits today even if we still have problems in the house simply because it's Friday! We even got home early today yay! And soon enough we were at the kitchen preparing our dinner. 

Normally we would go town on a Friday, in our fave Chinese restaurant maybe or would buy a take away somewhere. But we are trying to be good so we head on home and prepared dinner ourselves. Poj wanted pizza so I made him pizza by lightly toasting 2 slices of brown bread and topping them with ready made pasta sauce in the fridge and grated cheese which I baked in the oven until the cheese melted, yum. He loved it and finished his four slices in no time. (one of the slices didn't even make it in the photograph, lol).

As much as we love to eat together, sometimes allowing him to eat before us works. He's tired today and wanted to go upstairs early whilst we still have to cook our dinner. 

Poj is now so active at nursery that some days he would eat lots for tea at nursery and would sleep straight away when he gets home. Even though it is nice to have a bit of quiet time, I do miss chatting with him in the evening and seeing his antics, but some days, like today,  all he really wants is to crawl to bed...

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