My Yellow Rose

Tuesday 5 June 2012

It's the last day of the holiday (yes it's still a non-working day because of the Queen's jubilee). But unfortunately it was not a good day for us. Our gas meter was faulty and because of this our boiler switched off. And even after the engineer fixed the gas meter, he was unable to switch on our ancient boiler. So it means we are out of hot water and house heating until we are able to get someone to switch it on for us.

Since it's a holiday, there's absolutely no one that could come to fix it for us. We're lucky that it's not one of the colder months, otherwise we'd be in trouble. We simply have to layer up when we sleep and boil water in big pans when we go to the shower. We're just hoping that we get someone to fix it for us soon.

And to make it worse, in the evening the cupboard under the sink collapsed! It was due to a leaking pipe that was hidden behind a plywood so were not aware of the leak. The water weaken the laminate wood and made it too heavy that the bottom layer collapsed! Stress to the max!

When I saw Papa E he was in the brink of tears coz we are faced with two problems in one day! But I think we were able to calm and reassure each other that we can sort this out. We are hoping that it's not too big of a job and it's something that we could sort out ourselves. Fingers crossed!

I took this photo in the afternoon and I posted it here coz I want to cheer myself up. I know that yellow is for friendship (thanks Sey of 14th Street for the info) but the colour cheers me up a bit and clears my head and stop me from worrying and panicking too much.... 

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  1. all things will be alright sis Krizzy..what's best is you both have each other *hugs* ;) it's the best thing to have someone near you because both of you are stronger with each other ;)