Tuesday 31 January 2012

Yippee! Poj was discharged from the care of the allergy clinic today!!!
He had an allergic reaction to eggs when he first had it in a soup when he was six months old. He had a skin prick test to prove it and has been under the care of the allergy clinic at the general hospital. Today, he was asked to come back to have another one done and I was so pleased that the prick test came out negative =)

After his appointment, we went to the post office to post my pressies to the 3 winners of my anniversary contest. They said it would take at least 3 days for it to arrive in Spain and 5 days in the Philippines (plus a few days for the local post office to deliver to their respective homes). 

I'm excited to hear what they think of my pressies, hope they like it =)

My Little Helper

Monday 30 January 2012

He woke up happy and excited coz it was snowing outside, the first time here in the south this winter. He was glued to the window watching as the snow flakes fall from the sky. =) Excited na nga, he wanted to go out & make a snowman! I told him that the snow is not going to settle & it's too cold outside. 
And he was good as gold today. Grabe ang tuwa ko sa super pagiging helpful nya. He wanted to help me with just about everything! From the laundry to cooking and even with the dishes =)
Ang sarap no? Ito ang isa sa lagi naming pinagpepray, that he grows up to be a good boy - matulungin, masunurin at magalang not only to us his parents but to everyone =)

Bilis Naman

Sunday 29 January 2012

We were on our way to town for the Chinese New Year celebrations. Papa E helped Poj get ready whilst I prepare our stuff. And then I heard him tell Poj to wear his shoes coz we'll be leaving soon.
When I approached him coz I thought he needed a hand, he said "No, Ina. I'll do it".  He is learning a lot of new things everyday and becoming more independent too. It seems that he wants to do  more things by himself more each week! 
Ang bilis naman. Minsan nga when I call him baby Jace he would say "I'm not baby Jace Ina, it's just Jace." 
As much as we are happy and so proud of all his developments, minsan nabibilisan kami sa paglaki nya. Ganun ata talaga, kapag baby pa excited kang lumaki na sila & paglumalaki gusto mo pabagalin! Kaloka =)

Spinnaker Tower

Saturday 28 January 2012

The Spinnaker Tower is a 170-metre high landmark tower in Portsmouth, England which represents sails billowing in the wind.
It has 3 viewing deck at the top of the tower. The first deck boasts a glass floor where tourists can feel as though they are walking on air. There is a cafe on the second deck and the Crow's Nest on the 3rd deck, which has a mesh roof, enabling visitors to be in the elements. These viewing decks provides a 350° view of the city and Portsmouth harbours.
The tower is open to tourists but could also be hired for private functions.
Although it is new (it opened in 2005), it is fast becoming as one of the popular landmarks in the country. We never fail to bring our friends or family here whenever they come to visit.  

So Sweet!

Friday 27 January 2012

I love cakes and chocolates but were never a big fan of candies. But when I saw these at West Quay Shopping Mall in town I just couldn't help but smile.  Somehow it reminded me of the sari-sari store ni Manang a few blocks from our house when I was a kid. She had those massive clear jars with colourful goodies similar to these on display. 

Little Poj asked if he could have some Minstrels chocolates. I said yes coz I know it would only dispense a few and thought I'd give him a treat. Papa E and I went for the Bubble King. Its the round bubble gum that comes in different colours and costs 50 pence each. It was a lot bigger than the ones Manang used to sell but has the same sweet taste on the outside.

Buti na lang the mall was closing in 15minutes and the place was nearly empty, we stayed there for a bit and looked at all the goodies. I could not believe how many kinds of candies were on display! (Talo ang tindahan ni Manang!) Poj must have thought it was magic, coz when his Ama turned the dial, the sweets came out.  And I have to add that he was even more impressed when Papa E started blowing bubblegum bubbles =)

Hayz, buti na lang Poj knows it's only a treat and after we had our fun, he was more than happy to say"goodbye candies!"


Thursday 26 January 2012

Today was a good day. Poj woke up early and happy, and was excited to go to nursery. Work was steady and manageable, I even finished earlier than usual.  We got home early, Papa E played with Poj as I prepared dinner. We had a lovely meal and now my boys are asleep. And I came home excited coz I've got all my stuff ready to put this together. 

This little white envelope contains my small gift and a note to Mommy Razz of Welcome to My World. I don't know what it is but I get really excited writing letters and going for that walk to the post office. She's the first one to email me her address so I'm sending this one first. I'll send this first thing on Saturday! I can't wait til it gets there (and would be keeping my fingers crossed that it gets there in one piece!) =)

Gunwharf Quays

Wednesday 25 January 2012

Today we visited an outlet shop in Portsmouth, Hampshire, the Gunwharf Quays.  It is 18 miles away from where we live which is approximately 30-minute drive. 

They have popular shops like Nike, Oakley, Crabtree & Evelyn, Lacoste, Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Ugg, Gap, Cath Kidston and a lot more. It is also a popular destination for gimmicks because of the different restaurants & bars, there's also a comedy club, cinemas & a bowlplex. You'll never ran out of things to do here. 

 We went because I needed to get something, it was our first time to go there midweek after work - it was like a ghost town! Normally the whole place is buzzing with busy shoppers, tourists or gimikeros. Ok lang naman coz it meant no queues, so we were in and out. 

It's not just a shopping outlet with a view (the Portsmouth harbour) with great restaurants, the  best part of course is when the shops go gaga on sales! Which is usually after Christmas and when they do their end of season sale =)

Hayz, too many lovely things, so little sweldo, lol =)

Chinese New Year

Tuesday 24 January 2012

The Chinese New Year celebrations here in Southampton would kick off on Sunday. The Waterside Lion Dance Club would be performing the Dragon and Lion Dance, there would also be martial art display and Chinese folk song performances. We went last year and was surprised as to its popularity. 

We are very much looking forward to the Chinese Market where we hope to find lots of Chinese food stalls, jewellery, arts and crafts.  

But we can't let the Chinese New Year pass without celebrating it even with a humble spread. So these would suffice for now, but would definitely have more delectable Chinese food on Sunday!

Kung Hei Fat Choi

And The Winners Are

Monday 23 January 2012

In this time of techs I admit that I still love writing letters and walking to the post office to mail them. I am always excited to hear that they've received my letters/cards and hearing what they thought. 
That's why I was so pleased when I learned of this contest. And now that my deadline is here, I'm regretting not getting more goodies so that I could choose more than 3 names. But I do hope that everyone would have a go at it. It's fun and exciting. Just imagine the joy your little pressie and letter could bring to the recipient. I can't wait to hear from these 3 lovely ladies & I do hope they like my little gift. 

Little Poj helped me pick the names and he thought it was a good idea to stick the names on his bike =) (He had the winners names stuck to his bike the whole day, btw).

Please DM or email me your postal addresses at Thank you =)

Mag Ama Bonding

Sunday 22 January 2012

I love going to different places and taking photos of beautiful sceneries. But I've got to say that one of the most beautiful things is when I see my mag-Ama having little bonding moments like this one. 
I went to work this morning - I know, work on a Sunday - booo! But it gave my boys a chance to play and bond without me. And that carried on throughout the day. They ate together, went to the grocery store, played with Poj's toy kitchen and trains, read books and now learn words & letters and colouring.  They shared a lot of smiles, laughters, hugs and kisses too. 
Truly priceless =)

Done in 12 Minutes

Saturday 21 January 2012

Kristeta cooked dinner? That's breaking news indeed, lol =)

Papa E and I have been together for donkey's years that we just know each others tasks in the house. We don't have a housekeeper so we have to share the chores. He cooks most of our meals but I understand that sometimes he wants to take a break from the kitchen (this is very rare)

He asked me to prepare tonight's dinner, which I don't mind at all coz it gave him the chance to play with Poj. I can cook but I prefer to bake. But if I'm asked, I would always go with the simplest recipe. 

And tonight is no exception. This 12-minute carbonara is one of the recipes I cook when I'm in a rush or too lazy to labour in the kitchen.  It was so quick and easy that it gave me time to sort out the laundry & still dish out our meal on time. 

carbonara recipe

My Friday Surprise

Friday 20 January 2012

One of my colleagues bakes and sells cupcakes as a sideline. They are made to order and she would bake them to your liking. She also gets invited to kiddie parties where she would teach and bake with the kids. I love her cakes and she inspires me to bake more and try to improve myself.

Sometimes she has excess cakes or rejects and she would bring them to work. (This one's a reject, we all think it's beautiful - but it has to be perfect for the paying customer, I suppose).  One of my friends reserved one for me by putting it inside my locker. So imagine my surprise when I saw this scrummy cake when I opened my locker. It put a smile on my face and thought thank goodness it's Friday, it's gonna be a good day!

Lazy Dinner

Thursday 19 January 2012

We were feeling really hungry and lazy (not the best combination, I know!) and thought that since we were already out, that we just grab something to eat before heading home. And upon seeing the flashing "OPEN" sign on the door of Subway (calling us in, lol), we knew the decision was made for us. 

We've not had a Sub for ages and I know Papa E has been craving his favourite, the Meatball Marinara. I on the other hand had the Subway Club. What we like about Subway is that they make the bread fresh on site and they make the sandwich how you want it. Imagine the bread  fresh from the oven, with meat or tuna, salad & sauce of your choice made just how you want it. 

Papa E loves his subs with the works (lettuce, tomato, cucumber, olives, chillies, bell pepper, onion) whilst I prefer mine with everything apart from chilli & onion. => yum! 

Have you guys had a lovely sandwich lately? 

7 Years Ago Today

Wednesday 18 January 2012

It's Wednesday today and that can only mean one thing, it's back to work for me. I'm usually excited to come to work after being off for four days to look after Poj. But today, I'm just not feeling the love for some reason =(

So before going in the the hospital, I stopped outside and had a good look at it (I usually come in through a different wing of the hospital). It registered that I haven't looked at it for a long time. Doing so reminded me of my first day here, one January morning - 7 years ago. 

Somehow that made me feel better about coming in. It made me appreciate how lucky I am that I have a good job & working with a lot of lovely people. =)

As Promised

Tuesday 17 January 2012

As promised, I'm posting the pics of the Cath Kidston give aways for my blog anniversary. Poj will be helping me pick 3 blogger friends, names of which would be posted on the 24th.

If you want to know how to take part, click here, thank you =)

Bright Room No More

Monday 16 January 2012

Ever since the council changed the street light outside our house, our rooms suddenly became very bright at night. We are ok with this but little Poj prefers his room to be extremely dark.  He would usually ask to sleep in the guest room which is located at the back of the house, he calls this the "Dark Room". The only problem there is that it's an adult bed and we  worry that he might roll and fall on the floor.  Otherwise,  he's sure to wake up in the night when he used to sleep straight till 7am. 

We are so glad we found this product. It's a well made black curtain with suction cups that sticks to glass. It arrived just after we had lunch and so when Poj went for his nap, I attached it to the window and it made the room so dark even I thought it was night time! He slept like a baby.
It also comes with a handy travel bag which is great if we need to bring it with us when we go away specially in the summer. 

Wish we found it sooner...

I Found An Old Toy!

Sunday 15 January 2012

Do any of you guys have one of those popular Polaroid cameras? I always wanted to have one when I was young.  You take a photo and it prints your picture in seconds! I used to think it was magic =)

So when Papa E gave this to me as a birthday pressie almost 3 years ago, I was ecstatic. You simply use Polaroid Zink media paper and it prints your photos wirelessly via bluetooth. 

The Zink paper is 2" x 3" (5.08 cm x 7.62 cm) with a peel-off sticky back which is great for your notebooks, diaries, cards, gifts etc. It is dry when it comes out plus it is water resistant, tear proof & smudge proof too! 

I used it for my diary for that year, printing & sticking pics made my diary come to life =)

I don't know why I stopped using it, I think it's because I got lazy with taking pics. I found it in one of my drawers, buried under my gazillion rubbish. 

I've taken it out, cleaned it & ordered my photo papers. Can't wait to start using my old toy =)

Madeira Cake

Saturday  14 January 2012

Today was a proper "chillax" day. It was cold and frosted when we woke up, and Poj has runny nose so we decided to just stay at home today.

And just when I thought I wouldn't have any photo to post today, Papa E asked me if I have any ideas on how we could rescue our lemons.  And similar to what I do with over riped bananas, I decided to bake a cake. The Madeira cake is easy to make which only needs the juice of 1 lemon, flour, sugar, eggs and butter.  Once it's all mixed I just left it in the oven for an hour and played with Poj while waiting. I didn't even notice the hour passed by until my timer went off!  And the best part of course, is that its moist and delish =)

Friday The 13th

Friday 13 January 2012

Hay naku, na-Friday the 13th ata kami! 
We woke up to a cold, 2℃ morning. The car was frosted for the first time in weeks. When Papa E went to switch the engine on, it just won't start! He tried several time to no avail. And since neither of us know anything about cars, we knew we need to call RAC, our breakdown and recovery cover. 
They told us that we need to upgrade our cover because it does not include breakdown at home.  So we had no choice but to pay them £60 upfront to come to our rescue.
When "Chalky" arrived and diagnosed Tony (our car), he told us that we needed a new battery - this costs £75.  So we were £135 (PHP 9,047) poorer and it's not even 9am! 
But nevermind, Tony and it's battery is  now 5 years old, so the batt must really be at the end of it's life. And looking at the bright side, at least it happened when we were at the comforts of our home and not when we were in the middle of nowhere.  And even when we were an hour late for work, both our managers were understanding about what happened =)

A Drink On A School Night

Thursday 12 January 2012

One of my best mate, Sally & also little Poj's ninang has finally arrived from her 3-month holiday in South America =) We went out to dinner with our other colleagues to welcome her back as well as to celebrate her birthday. It was a great night filled with stories, laughter and great food. 

We were told that the servings are quite huge so most of us skipped the starters and went straight to the mains. I had their homemade steak burger with onion marmalade, crispy smoked bacon and melted cheddar. This was served with chips and ribshack coleslaw and I'm happy to share that it was simply the most scrumptious burger I've ever had! => sorry walang pic, we all tucked in sa sobrang gutom coz it was already late.
And of course I also enjoyed my fave drink, the White zinfandel rose´  

Artist Ako

Wednesday 11 January 2012

Today is my first day back at work for the new year. Yes, I have been fortunate enough to have been given 2 weeks off =)
I had a busy day but all was forgotten as soon as we got home. Poj filled us in of his fun day at nursery. 
Then as I was sorting out his bag for tomorrow, I remembered to check this out. It's one of his art works from nursery. It's a combination of different materials glued together on an empty butter tub.  I love looking at his artworks & reading about what he's been doing at nursery. I could tell that he is not only having fun there, but he is also making friends, he is learning, is able to express his 'artistic' side as well as develop his love of books and music. =)

My Little Mr. " I'll Do It, Ina "

Tuesday 10 January 2012

I love my toys and so does little Poj.  Apart from the techs at home they have computers at nursery as well as touch screen monitors for their nursery rhymes etc. So like a lot of kids these days, he is very much comfortable with techs and could easily figure out how things work. 

His favourite app on my iPad2 is the ABC Song. This app taught him the alphabet & I am very pleased with it's recent update.  It now includes games, one of which (the Dot to Dot) teaches the child to write the letters by simply following the numbers. Jace is now very interested in words - he's always asking us to write his or our names and would ask us to help him copy them.  So imagine his delight when he found this update and can now write the letters by himself. Specially now that he is trying to assert his independence more each day - becoming Mr. "I'll do it Ina". =)  Sixty nine pence well spent.

Caffeine and Sugar

Monday 9 January 2012

Starting the Monday morning with a lazy breakfast, a slice of my homemade cake & a cup of tea. Sugar and caffeine is just what I need and now I'm ready to start my day. Have a good week everyone!

Happy Three Kings

Sunday 8 January 2012

Happy Three Kings everyone. We celebrated by going to church in the morning and eating this sumptuous lunch prepared by the house chef - Papa E.  Pansit canton with our left over turkey and roast chicken with cranberry sauce and gravy. Simply delish. 

I'm Stuck

Saturday 7 January 2012

We spent most of the morning doing our weekly grocery shopping. And since hindi uso dito ang one-stop grocery stores tulad sa Pinas, we had to make several stops to get all the things we need (we usually go to different places for meat, fish, veggies, canned goods & Filipino ingredients - medyo OA, I know!). So I was a little worried that I wouldn't have an opportunity to take any photo for today. 
But Poj saved the day simply by playing! He got bored, and went in this wooden toy box. Then next thing I know he was calling for "Ina & Ama, help me!" Kaloka, paano ka napunta dyan? Then he couldn't stop laughing at his own silliness! =)

New 'Do

Friday 6 January 2012

I'm not used to being photographed, but I'm staying true to the reason why I've started this blog. So here's a photo I've taken of myself right after I've left the hair salon. It's a big change from my boring one-length very straight up to my waist hair do. I like it today and I'm hoping I still like it tomorrow when there's no one to blow dry & fix it for me =)

Shoes Are Out!

 Thursday January 5 2012

The shoes are out & I've picked my dress.  I just need my haircut and I'm all set to meet up with the girls tomorrow night =)