Steamed Sea Bass

Saturday 2 June 2012

I have been saying it for sometime now, and I think that it's time to actually do it - to be better with our food. It's no secret that we love to cook/bake and we love our food. I think we love it too much that we sometimes end up eating way too much! So now we've decided to be better...

We're still going to eat the food that we love but would rethink how we prepare them and how often we eat them. Today we've decided to have steamed Sea bass with onions and ginger and a little light soy sauce. Papa E steamed it in our bamboo steamer with banana leaves. It gave the food a nice hint of flavour which was very pleasant - and the smell reminded us of home too.

How about my baking? I'm still going to bake, most definitely. It's the actual making of the cake that I love more than actually eating the finish the product. I can alter my recipes to make them healthier and could eat a small piece each time and share the rest to friends. My colleagues are always happy whenever I bring them cakes so that's not a problem.

Here's to good food and healthy eating =)

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