Sunday 10 June 2012

This photo was taken from the Playshack, our favourite play gym for Poj. He calls it "My Playshack!"

We went here yesterday after grocery shopping etc, and were told that they are closing in 20mins! Huwah! Imagine my little man's disappointment! I apologized profusely and promised to take him here the next day. You should have seen his face in the car =(
But not to worry, Papa E came to the rescue and took him to the local park instead...

But today is the day to keep the promise. We were more organized and took him here in the afternoon. See the photo? Di naman masyadong galak, diba? lol

He played for over 2 hours until we were able to convince him to go home. He had lots of fun going up and down the obstacle course and the slides. There were a lot of kids there today, but he didn't mind at all. Papa E and I took turns at accompanying him (some areas are still too high for him)... hmmm, we probably need to take him there more often, exercise! haha =)

And the best part? He was in bed early tonight! Yup, we definitely need to take him here more often! =)

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