Homemade Salmon Fish Cake

Friday 15 June 2012

Napansin ko lang na ang dalas kong magpost ng food dito ah! We've been trying to steer clear of take away restos at the mo kaya eto kaylangang magsipag sa pagluto, hehe.

At since hindi ako kasing sipag ni Papa E sa pagluluto, I always go for quick and easy recipe. We used to buy these fishcakes in the frozen section but we found this easy peasy recipe that I know I'll never buy those frozen ones again. I paired it with Egg and prawn soup, yummy!

Salmon Fish Cake Recipe

1 Tbsp dried dill
Thumb size ginger
2 Salmon fillet
2 Spring onion

Chop spring onion finely and add to a bowl

Grate ginger into the bowl with the spring onion

Cut the salmon fillets into mince sized pieces and add to the bowl

Add the dill and mix all the ingredients together trying to make sure that they are evenly distributed.

Separate the mixture to 4, squeeze into a ball in your hands and then shape into a fishcake.

Cook in a non-stick pan or spray the fishcakes with oil spray and cook for 3 minutes on each side. 

The recipes that I usually find for fish cakes have mashed potatoes inside and is breaded on the outside. But I find that this recipe is much simpler to make. 

When we ate out before and ordered Salmon fishcake, the restaurant gave us a similar looking (a bit flatter than the usual) fishcakes. We were going to complain but when we tasted it, it tasted better. You can taste the fish and the spices and that's it. There's non of the mash that masks the taste of that wonderful salmon. Yummy indeed! 

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