Happy 3rd Birthday, Poj

Thursday 31 May 2012

Today is a very special day, as it is our little man's third birthday. The day was all about him so we asked him what he wanted to do.

We initially wanted to take him to a nearby soft play gym but he said he wanted to go swimming, so that's what we did. If Papa E didn't have to go to an important meeting at work, we wanted to go to Alton Towers water park and stay there overnight. He loved the pools there as well as the kiddie water rides when we went there before. We decided to go to Romsey Rapids instead. My colleague always rave about the place coz he takes his boys there after work when his wife is working on the late shift. 

And since today is a weekday, we practically had the pool to ourselves. Poj had lots of fun swimming back and forth in the pool. No wonder he was already tired and sleepy after just swimming for 2 hours. We're so proud at how confident he is on the water, going from one end of the pool to the other with just his swim armbands. 

We also planned to have a little picnic at the park in the afternoon but he wanted to go home instead, to play with the new paint stuff that we gave him in the morning. I wish I am creative enough to be able to encourage him how to do it properly but he seems to be fine by simply making random strokes on a piece of paper =)

In the evening he told us that he had a great day and we are so pleased. Happy 3rd Birthday, Jace Ethan! Ama and Ina loves you so much =)

I'll be posting more photos of his day tomorrow on my KP blog. 

Movie Date, Snow White & the Huntsman

Wednesday 30 May 2012

Since we are not throwing a birthday party for Poj, we decided to bring a cake to nursery to share with his friends there. He was really excited to bring the cake that he has chosen himself, a Disney Cars cake. He was in high spirits as we drove to nursery singing the happy birthday song. Inuuto nya kami to sing it fast first then slow the next, pero ok lang magbibirthday eh, lol.

We didn't plan anything for today and decided to see a movie instead. I can't remember the last time we went to the cinema together so we were quite excited to go. 

It's Orange Wednesday today, Orange being our mobile phone provider who gives their customers 2 for 1 movie vouchers every Wednesday! We didn't even know which movie to see so we chose the one that was starting the soonest. Hence why we ended up with Snow White and the Huntsman. 

I'm not going to give too much away, but I'd say that Papa E liked it, surprisingly enough & I didn't. I don't know if it was because of K Stewart or the way the movie was made. Although I think the costumes were great as well as the music. 

After the movie we had time to grab a bite and go for another Starbucks half-priced frappuccino before we picked Poj up from nursery.

His carers said he had a lovely day and he said he was happy that he was able to celebrate with his friends. They put candles on his cake and they sang the happy birthday song to him before they served the cake to all the kids. His carers were impressed that he knows when his real birthday is. He keeps saying to them that his birthday is on the 31st of May! And he would be three! (proud Ina, palakpak ang tenga. lol) =)

Now it's time to finish this and wrap his birthday pressies! =)

Dandelion Seed Head

Tuesday 29 March 2012

Poj had a very busy day.  He always wakes up early, which is always a problem when I have difficulty sleeping at night. Lucky me, Papa E is on annual leave today so he stayed with Poj while I stayed in bed for a while longer. 

We went to town soon after we've done some house chores & Papa E finished watching the impeachment trial. We bought Poj a cake to bring to nursery tomorrow and some ingredients for the chocolate cake that he asked me to make for him. 

Papa E made me happy when he said I could have sushi for lunch, yay! Nope, Poj didn't have sushi but enjoyed his noodles very much. He asked if we could go to the park & since we are already at the City centre we went to Southampton common.

At dahil cute talaga itong si Poj, after super nangulit na magpark kami ay tinulugan naman kami when we got to the park! Diba? He was in deep sleep that he didn't even wake up when we moved him to his pram!
Good thing it's springtime which means the days are longer so we had the luxury of time. When he finally woke up he was already at the park, kaya't ang ganda ng gising! 

The sun was still too harsh so I asked him if he could play with his football under the tree, for a while before going to the playground and he said yes. And his power nap amazed me once more dahil super energetic magtatakbo at magsisisipa ng bola - ibang level kung magrecharge ng energy!

We all enjoyed a cone of soft ice cream to cool us down and after that I allowed him to play in the playground. And again I lost count on how many times he ran around the park and climb up the ladder and went down the slide. Wish ko lang meron akong kasing dami ng energy ng mga chikitings! Imagine on our drive home he asked if we're on our way to the park ( with this he meant the park 2 minutes away from our house!). Kaloka diba? I explained that it was nearly his bedtime so we need to eat, shower and go to bed!

BTW the photo of the dandelion seed head was taken from The Common. =)

Perfect Dinner

Monday 28 May 2012

It's Monday and is a little weird having Papa E in the house on a Monday. We took the week off because it's Poj's birthday week, yay!
We didn't go out today, I honestly don't know why, but at least Papa E took Poj out to go around with his bike and they also went to the park. I still don't know what we're doing the rest of the week, so watch this space. All I know is that the weather is good till Wednesday and rainy from Thursday to Saturday. (I feel I'm obsessing about the weather too much, I just find it so disappointing that every time we book days off we end up not making the most of it...). Hey ho, enough ranting...

Papa E lovingly prepared tonight's dinner though. It was sumptuous, I have to say. I love pasta whilst the boys love seafood so it was perfect. =)


Sunday 27 May 2012

It was a busy day today. I worked in the morning so I missed the mass today but was able to convince the boys to hear it without me. Whilst I was at work Papa E and Poj went to the Common. The Southampton Common is a green space and is designatd a Site of Special Scientific Interest. It is one of the UK's most important wildlife sites. It includes 326 acres of woodland, parkland, rough grassland, ponds, wetlands, nature trails, a paddling pool (open in the summer), a children's play area and a fishing lake. It's very popular and is visited all year round.

After picking me up from work we went out for late lunch and then went to buy Poj's birthday gifts. We then went to Starbucks to chill out and enjoy half priced frappuccinos. Papa E had the Chocolate cookie crumble frap with chocolate cream. He really wanted moccha frap but they embarrassingly ran out of coffee, duh! Nevermind, we still enjoyed our visit, coffee or no coffee. Note to self, order a small one for Poj next time coz he absolutely loved it and nearly drank all of mine, lol =)

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend, too!

Costco Day

Saturday 25 May 2012

We found ourselves out of absolutely everything so we made the trip to Costco in Reading. As you know it is a wholesale shop much similar to Makro. One of the perks of working for the health services is that you get discounts to a number of shops in the high street and be able to sign up as individual members at Costco. (otherwise you have to have your own business and sign up as a trade member). 

We don't come here very often because of the distance which is an hour away from us. Plus everything you buy is in bulk. But this is where we buy Poj's Aveeno lotion which is the only lotion that is able to control his eczema. They sell it a lot cheaper, you can get three tubes at the price of just one when bought elsewhere. We also buy his chocolate drink and vitamins here. Ayan, puro kay Poj pa rin, hehe. 

And since it was a lovely day we were able to make the most of the long day (sunset is 9pm) by going to the park in the evening. Poj had a lot of fun playing at the playground. There was also a group of people enjoying a barbeque and I love picnics and barbeques so I'm hopeful that we'll be able to do that one of these days =)

Hurray to long days! yay =)

Poj at the Park

Friday 25 Friday 2012

Thank heavens for the lovely day and that it's now Friday. Kahit mega sunburnt na itong si Poj ay sige pa rin ang laro sa labas! I don't mind coz I can see how much fun he's having, plus we don't know how long this weather would last. But one thing's for sure, he's loving the long days!

Poj had an interesting day at nursery today. They told me that they invited someone who used to work at NASA and he talked to the kids about his old job and brought lots of photos for the kids to see. They told me that Poj was specially interested with the rocket shop. This is because of the Disney show, Little Einsteins' rocket ship.

There are a lot of things going on at work. At the moment we don't know if they're good or bad. I only pray that our managers would be flexible and allow us to work around Poj's schedule at nursery. He loves it there and is very close to his carers and friends that it'll be harsh to move him to a different nursery. I'm keeping my fingers crossed and praying really hard that everything works out for the best...

Poj's First Birthday Card

Thursday 24 May 2012

Here's Poj's first birthday card for this year. It's from his lola (Papa E's mom). He asked his Ama to read it him and said that he loves his birthday card.

3 is a great year coz they are more aware of what's going on around them. He knows that his birthday is coming up and he is so excited about it! May request na nga ang celebrant, he wants me to make him a Kitkat cake too! 

We don't have anything major planned for his birthday. We know that we would bring a cake to nursery so that he could celebrate with his friends. And we may go somewhere nice on the day, depending on the weather. 

It is a real shame that his lolo and lolas & other relatives live so far away. I just know that it would be extra special if we could celebrate it with them... Di bale malay natin next year, huhuhu...

Thanks Lola Estrella for Poj's birthday card. =)

Thomas Sunglasses

Wednesday 23 May 2012

Hurrah for sunny days! Today has been absolutely gorgeous. With temps coming up to 29℃, everybody was happy today and that includes our little man.

When we arrived at nursery to pick him up, he was all sweaty and red from playing out most afternoon.  His carers assured me though that they let all the kids stay in the roofed barn to protect them when the heat is harshest. 
And good news, someone returned Poj's Thomas sunglasses today, yay! It has been missing for over 2 weeks when he decided to bring it to nursery. But we knew that whoever finds it will return it and they did. Poj was so happy he wants to keep it on even when we're already indoors! 

We are hoping that the lovely weather stays like this next week (para naman magamit ang shades!) because we have the week off for Poj's birthday. We haven't got anything planned because the forecast keeps changing everyday. We already have a list of where we want to go depending on the weather so I'm sure we will still be able to celebrate his big day no matter what. But I'm sure it's the outdoor activities that he'll enjoy the most. Kaya please please Mr Sun, could you stay with us for next week as well, pretty please....

Happy Birthday, Ate!

Tuesday 22 May 2012

I've posted 2 photos today, making an exception coz today is a special day. It is my beloved sisters's birthday! Thank goodness for technology, coz I was able to greet her today and even received a photo of her and her daughter as they were enjoying their dinner with my brother. 

To the best sister anyone could wish for, Happy birthday! How I wish we are there to celebrate this day with you, but for now we're sending you our love and wishes. Hope you had a fab day and may you have a wonderful year ahead of you. We love you so much, mwah xoxo

Put Your Feet Up

Monday 21 May 2012

Poj and I had a fun day today. We watched his new fave TV show the Little Einsteins in the morning and we sang and dance as we watch. And we also enjoyed painting together. I can see him getting excited as we combine colours and begin to create something.

In the afternoon I promised to take him to the park and he can ride his bike only he take his afternoon nap. He said yes and after a lot "pasakalye" he did fall asleep. This gave me the chance to clear up some of the mess and wash the dishes. 

When Poj woke up, he was happy and excited. He immediately reminded me of my promise to take him out =) So I helped him change and off we went around the block with him cycling and I walked beside him. We also went to the park and he cycled around there. He also saw a lot of other kids cycling and playing with their scooters.

So after having dinner and showering, I put my feet up and relaxed while we have a family catch up.  And Poj being Poj, sat next to me and copied me which was so sweet. It's a good day =)

Sandwich Wrap

Sunday 20 May 2012

It was a lazy Sunday in our household. We were even in no mood to cook for lunch. Hence why I volunteered to dish up some wrap for us. So while Papa E and Poj Skype chat with lola I stayed in the kitchen.

I used ground beef this time (you can use grilled chicken too). I simply sauteed garlic, onion and tomato and the beef, seasoned it with salt and pepper until the beef is cooked. Whilst this is cooking I prepared my vegetables, I used what's in the fridge, we had lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes & mangoes (I know!). I used what we call Apple-mango in the Philippines. 

To prepare, I warmed the wrap for 10 seconds in the microwave then spread a thin amount of mayo or garlic mayo if available. I then put the lettuce, cucumber, tomato and mango slices (you can also add a thin slice of cheese for that added salty taste) and then the cooked meat. To wrap, I simply fold the bottom and wrap. Quick and simple lunch. 

What I like about this is that you can simply use what is available in the kitchen. You are welcome to use any sauce you like and any filling that you wish. And it's easy to make it as healthy and as filling as you want. A great alternative to the heavy burger!

I Love Baths

Saturday 19 May 2012

I love baths. I wish I could lock myself in the bathroom, switch off the light and play some jazz music on my iPhone and enjoy a lovely warm bath more often. But unfortunately I can't. Work and mommy duties take priority of course. Most of the time, it's already late and so I'll put it off for some other day.

But today, Papa E said he'll look after Poj and I could take my time. And it seems as if Poj sensed my need for a little me time & he didn't at any time came in the bathroom to disturb me. 

I must have stayed there for ages coz by the time I went upstairs my boys were already asleep. So I went back downstairs and enjoy my me time for longer by watching good rom com movies and answering some emails via my phone. Thanks boys for a lovely and relaxing Saturday evening =)

Poj's Art Works

Friday 18 May 2012

I promised that I'll pose some of Poj's artworks here and here they are. They're not Picasso I know, but they are special coz they were created by my little man's delicate hands. 

The first and second photos on the right were made with different materials. This is where the carers give the children a lot of cut outs and of different materials and they allow the child do their thing. It's just a shame that the glitters on the second photo are not showing. The third photo is quite clever. He put paint on one side of the paper and folded them in two and created a mirror image which for me is a shape of a kite or butterfly. And the last photo on the left is a finger painting using yellow, green and blue colours.

They've just given us an idea for the perfect birthday gift for Poj. We'll get him some paints, brushes and sponges which would give us something to do together at home specially on those days when we are unable to go out. =)


Thursday 17 May 2012

Apart from looking after Poj,  I also love the different activities that they do with the kids. A few weeks ago they invited a fireman in pre-school who talked to them about his work. They also had a pet day, where some of the kids brought their pets or photos of their pets for all the kids to get to know. He also enjoyed making bird food and have asked me to hang it out in the garden for the birds.

Today, they have planted Sunflower. He's so excited about it and couldn't keep his eyes and hands off his plant. We are noticing that he loves plants and flowers. He always admires the flowers in the house and is always keen to get involve when we are out in the garden. This makes his lolo and lola specially proud and pleased coz this is their business in Pangasinan (they sell orchids and ornamental plants). 

Unfortunately, I am not blessed with a green thumb that's why I have to really look after Poj's plant and make sure it survives. Haha, good luck to me. =)

Budding Artist

Wednesday 16 May 2012

Following up to what Poj's carer's have told us, we bought him a watercolor set to play with. We were amazed on how excited he was with colouring and confident with holding the brush in his little fingers. We are still set on getting him some more art stuff for his birthday as we have a 20% discount voucher from one of the good shops but this set will have to do till then.

This is a great way to keep him occupied on days when we can't go out (when it's raining or snowing). I'm just putting his art works together and would post some of them here soon. 

I think it's great that he is discovering the different colours and how they blend together and I love the shapes that is formed or the messy abstract painting that he creates. Well done little man!

My Little Biker

Tuesday 15 May 2012

Di makadecide si Mr Sun at Mr Rain kung sino sa kanila ang maghahari today so we had pretty much an on and off sunshine & rain the whole day. And poor Poj who has been begging to go out to cycle kept checking the window to see if it has stopped raining. 

So when the sun was out at around 5pm I told him to get his helmet quick and he can ride his bike. It was hitting two stones really coz I needed to go grocery shopping so Poj cycled to the supermarket while I walk beside him.

He's really enjoying cycling and even when he is going up a steep slope he would refuse help from me and say he can do it himself. But as Papa E was busy sorting out the stuff in his car boot (sya po yung asa background, hehe) Poj carried on cycling and forgot how to brake and crashed lightly on the pole. He assured us that he was fine and when I asked him what his reaction was when he crashed, he gave me this look and I took the photo! Haha, astista! lol

Musical Monday

Monday 14 May 2012

Just when we thought the warm weather was here to stay.... Today was again cold and rainy =(
And since I'm at a 'katam' mood the whole day, I didn't do much but play with Poj. (Katam for katamad!)

One of the things that kept us occupied is Poj's giant keyboard. It's a cool toy that allows you to play the keyboard, it could also record and playback. It even allows you to change the instruments which Poj loves to do as he leaps on each one and shout out what they are. 

And when we got tired of this we went upstairs to play with his toy castle, the knights and horses. And we also sang the Little Einsteins theme song for like 20 times today. This is his new favourite. He loves the characters and the missions they tackle but most of all the music. It makes us a little sad that he seems to be moving on from Thomas... he still loves his trains and plays with them but he is now interested with other things. And as we appreciate this to be a positive thing, we also know that it is a sign that our baby is growing up fast....

Hay, who are we kidding, he's turning 3 in 2 weeks time!

Poj the Biker

Sunday 13 May 2012

Let me start by greeting all the cool moms out there, a very Happy Mother's day =) 

We are blessed with another sunny day. And even if we celebrated Mother's day in March already, we still went out to have a mini-celebration. We went to a Chinese restaurant in town to enjoy some good dimsum. 

In the afternoon,  Poj and Papa E took advantage of the beautiful day by going around our area to play with his bike. You could see in the photo how excited he is, bless him. I can't remember how long they were out but I know that Poj had a fun time cycling. 

We're looking forward to more bright and sunny days like today so that we could all come out and play! =)

Sunny Saturday =)

Saturday 12 May 2012

Mr Sun has finally decided to pay us a visit. After a month and a half of rain, it felt like everyone was out today to enjoy the sunshine. Yes, it was still cold, but no one's complaining.

We woke up early for breakfast then went to Poj's nursery open day. They do this several times a year to allow parents to talk to the kids' carers, go through their folder to read the write ups/observations of their carers & see the kids' art works. It was a good decision to arrive early coz it allowed us to talk to two of his carers and go through his folder without the need to rush. We read that since last year he's been good with his letters, numbers, communication with both adults and kids, vocabulary and hygiene. They also told us that Poj loves to do all the activities that they prepare for the kids and would obediently do all the tasks. But they noticed that he is more interested in painting rather than drawing, so we would like to buy him some paints and brushes to encourage that. They also said that he loves music and enjoys singing. They told me that he is doing really well & gets along with all the kids and developing friendship with kids his age. Reading his folder made us even more proud of him, it's just great to know that he is having a fantastic time while learning and making friends. Thanks a lot Woodberry =)

After nursery, we went to the market to buy some vegetables and fruits. We've not visited this market for a while and we were delighted to find that they are still here and selling even more produce. Going to the market reminds me of my childhood days when my mom used to take me with her. Those were the days when they didn't sell fruits and veggies at the supermarket. I love it when my mom haggles and buys what we need at the right price. I also love this market coz they sell produce that we won't find at the supermarket and the prices are guaranteed to be cheaper. We will be coming here more regularly especially now that the weather is getting warmer.

Shortly after getting home,  my friend Sally picked me up to have lunch with out with our other friend, David. We went to David's favourite Chinese restaurant close to where he lives. It was half an hour away from us but we didn't mind since it was his birthday. It was lovely to catch up with them both but was a real shame that our other friends couldn't make it...

Lastly, Papa E was in the mood to do some gardening so we did a bit of that in the afternoon. The garden now looks a lot better but still needs a lot more TLC. Abangan kung kelan ulit sipagin, hahaha!

Cheers to a sunny Saturaday! woot woot =)

Pastry Anyone?

Friday 11 May 2012

It's Friday, yay! It was an early and long day for all of us. There are a lot of road works around Southampton at the moment and it's making the morning traffic even worse. Because of this we have ask Poj's nursery to take him in early today (with added cost, of course) to give us a head start in the morning. It worked, thank goodness and we both arrive at work on time. 

I had to start early coz I sat in an interview pannel to recruit a junior member of staff. I was so pleased that it went well and we were able to offer the post to a good candidate. We're so excited for Lee to start with us, plus we're desperate for help as well. After that came a meeting, training and my actual job. Mega busy!

Papa E also had a long day which didn't particularly end well. I just hope he could put the hassles of work to one side for the weekend for his sake, syemrpre naman 2 days na lang ang weekend and I want him to have a break from work kahit papano.

And to unwind we thought to grab dinner out and go to the mall. We've not been there for a long time and we noticed a lot of changes to the shops. The mall is only open till 8pm everyday so we know we didn't really have much time. Just before we left the mall I decided to check out the pastry kiosk on the upper shopping level. They have a huge space but only had a few breads left. I chatted with the guys attending the kiosk and asked how much one costs. They told me that everything is £2 each. But they said they'll make me a deal for £10 for the lot. And as much as I want to be greedy, I know that there is absolutely no way we could eat them all (not that we'd want to!). So I said I'll just buy one. He took my  money but put 8 pieces of different pastries. They said they usually sell out all their baked goods but since it was sunny today there were just too few people at the mall. The extra baked goods were for being a nice and smiley customer, hehe. I know the real reason is that they'll throw all the leftovers away coz they sell freshly baked breads daily. But I'm not complaining, I got all these plus a cheese bread as extra all for £2! Wow!

Pastry anyone?


 Thursday 10 May 2012

I took this photo when Poj and I went for a walk. We always see this shipwreck when the tide is low and I often wondered what this ship looked like in it's full glory. I wish that Papa E was with us when we went for a walk and that it wasn't raining to enable me to go closer to it to take a more detailed shot. Not that you can expect too much detail using a camera phone!

I love seeing this as it reminds me of the first shipwreck that I've seen many years ago when we went snorkeling in the beautiful and clear waters of Coron. The difference is that you have to be in the water to see the one in Coron, whilst you have to wait for the low tide to see the one here in Southampton. Medyo weird no?

Wonderful Surprise

Wednesday 9 May 2012

Today has been a long day! Papa E went to a course out of town which left me and Poj chauffeur-less. We had to get to Poj's nursery via taxi because it was raining (again, I know!).  We got there fine and hassle free but the trouble started when we were on route to my destination. I didn't realize that there's an ongoing road works on the busiest road in our area. The drive that usually takes 20minutes took 35 minutes and the worse part is that I missed the staff bus by a minute! I had no choice but to stay where I was and wait for the staff bus to come back. I arrived 45 minutes late this morning. 

And since I was late in, I pretty much had to play catch up the whole day. Plus my manager decided she wanted to meet up with me about my project, which I appreciate but again took me away from my ward. Then on the way home the horrendous traffic was there to greet me. I left work early but it still took me almost an hour to get to Poj!

I've lost the will at this point and all I wanted to do was go home and chill. But when I opened the door I found a Royal Mail claim card informing me that I have a perishable parcel that I need to collect from the depot. Luckily, Poj was in the mood for a walk so we wrapped up and went to collect my parcel.

The man handed me a box which said Guernsey Flowers, I was so excited, I couldn't wait to get home! As soon as we did, I read the card and found that it was from my best friend, Oliver. The box contained a bouquet of beautiful flowers. It was all I need to make me feel better, it definitely made my day. 

To bff Oliver, thanks for remembering my birthday and for the wonderful surprise. They're gorgeous & truly made me feel special =) 

Love you too ♥

National Trust

Tuesday 8 May 2012

Our National Trust membership pack has finally arrived. National trust is a charity that works to preserve and protect historic places and spaces. They charge an entrance fee to be able to access the beautiful properties but individuals or families can also avail of an annual pass which would allow the pass holder unlimited admission to the Trust properties.

The membership pack came in a beautiful envelope which was decorated by photos of some of their properties. Enclosed is everything that you need, the National Trust handbook which contains all the details of all their properties, membership cards, Map guide, copy of the latest magazine (you will receive 3 editions per year), car park sticker and a free gift, we received the binoculars.

We decided to become a member after hearing from our friends as well as my partner at work that it is well worth it. There is a lovely garden not far from here that we could frequent as well as some of the hundreds of other places that we could choose to visit throughout the year. We feel that it's important that Poj learn at an early age how to appreciate nature as well as the importance of the preservation of historic places. Now that our membership cards are here, all we're waiting for are good weekends to be able to use it. =)

It was a lot warmer today and it didn't rain & how we wish that today was the weekend =( Today would have been a good day to try it out...  Nevermind,  Poj and I still went out for a good walk.  But now, Roll on summer!

Bank Holiday Monday

Monday 7 May 2012

Today is Bank Holiday Monday so no work for Papa E. We don't have much planned for today, I only wanted to visit this swimming school close to here so that I could enrol Poj for the September term but Papa E was not feeling up for it =(
So we spent the day bonding with Poj, singing and playing. And even if I wanted us to go out when the rain stopped in the afternoon, we couldn't.  Poj had LBM today, it was not that bad, thank goodness but still felt it was best to stay at home. He was still chirpy, eating and drinking well =)
We were able to chat with my mom and dad and Papa E was able to chat with his mom too so that was nice.

The flower on the picture is from the bouquet of flowers that I received last week from my colleague. =)

Poj & His Loot

Sunday 6 May 2012

After a busy day for Poj yesterday, we stayed at home today to allow Poj to recover. It also gave us the chance to play with the loot that he took home from yesterday's parties.

He specially love this plastic specs. It was meant to be a DIY animal glasses. His pack contains two sets, a parrot and a tiger. I helped him finished the parrot but he asked that I leave the other as it is. And he walked around the house the whole afternoon wearing this. =) 

It's Bank holiday tomorrow, woot woot! Not that we have anything major planned - we can't coz it's cold and raining again. But it's still good to have an extra day with the whole family =)