Alien Crab!

Monday 18 June 2012

Poj was playing with his toy piano and there was a drawing of a crab. I'm sure that he knows what a crab is but for some reason he told me that it was a drawing of an alien! I don't know where he heard the word alien to be honest. But I told him that the drawing was of a crab.

It was good timing that it's a Monday. Every Monday there comes a truck of seafood that sets up a stall in town. They are usually there for only 2-3 hours from about 6pm. It has been a while since we were able to buy seafood from them. Papa E usually works in a hospital which is 45minutes drive from town.  So by the time he gets home to change to go back, they'll be long gone.

I told Papa E about my "alien" conversation with Poj and he said he'll be able to make it home early coz he'll be coming from a different hospital. We let Papa E choose his fish and crab while Poj and I went to the park. He called us when he was at the queue so that Poj could look at the live crabs. He was fascinated with the small crabs! He also walked around and asked me for the names of all the other fish. We bought 2 crabs, 2 Sea bass and 12 mackerel.

Unfortunately, when Papa E cooked the crab, Poj didn't want to eat it =( Hey ho, he's still young, I'm sure he'll love it too when he gets a bit older...

We enjoyed our cooked crab with some fresh salad and cucumber salad =)

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  1. crab is one my fave seafoods! tama, poj will someday love it, provided he is not allergic to it :D