No Show si Mr Boiler

Thursday 7 June 2012

This week is definitely not our week. I am on annual leave this morning coz I've booked for the boiler man to be here at around 9am. But past 9 I received a phone call from someone from their company telling me that their engineer rang in sick and they don't have anyone in my area that they could send. Grrrr. Di ba sayang ang annual leave? And that means another day of no heating! Hay...

So I rang work and told them that I'm coming in to work early. I took the bus and found out that they have changed the bus routes. Medyo nalito ako ng mega coz super major changes ang ginawa nila. From the bus number, time and route, kaloka! Anyways, it meant that we passed through this part of town, the Bargate. This is a building in the Southampton city centre that was constructed in Norman times. It was part of the walled city. The statue in the middle is of George III. And the bell on the southwest corner of the building was added in 1605 and was used as the city's curfew and alarm bell. The upper room has been used for different purposes,  but it is now an art gallery.

I rang the company and even if they can reschedule me for Friday, neither Papa E nor myself can take any time off so it is now booked for Monday... So for the next few days we'll have to keep on boiling water using big pots and just use thick duvets to keep us warm.

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