Thomas Sunglasses

Wednesday 23 May 2012

Hurrah for sunny days! Today has been absolutely gorgeous. With temps coming up to 29℃, everybody was happy today and that includes our little man.

When we arrived at nursery to pick him up, he was all sweaty and red from playing out most afternoon.  His carers assured me though that they let all the kids stay in the roofed barn to protect them when the heat is harshest. 
And good news, someone returned Poj's Thomas sunglasses today, yay! It has been missing for over 2 weeks when he decided to bring it to nursery. But we knew that whoever finds it will return it and they did. Poj was so happy he wants to keep it on even when we're already indoors! 

We are hoping that the lovely weather stays like this next week (para naman magamit ang shades!) because we have the week off for Poj's birthday. We haven't got anything planned because the forecast keeps changing everyday. We already have a list of where we want to go depending on the weather so I'm sure we will still be able to celebrate his big day no matter what. But I'm sure it's the outdoor activities that he'll enjoy the most. Kaya please please Mr Sun, could you stay with us for next week as well, pretty please....


  1. Thumbs up to the lovely person who gave back the sunglass. Ang una kong napansin sa picture ay ang rosy cheeks ni Poj. I'll pray for Mr. Sun next week so your little budle of joy of would enjoy his birthday. Better make plans  for both indoor and outdoor activities. But no matter what the weather is, enjoy the day.

  2. Ang tisoy tisoy naman ni poj. oh lapit na nga pala bday nya.. Good luck sa plans nyo and don't worry we will scold Mr. Sun so he will leave us alone next week para dyan naman sya. hehe.. Good thing nahanap ang sun glasses nya. Poj looks really happy. :)