Thursday 10 May 2012

I took this photo when Poj and I went for a walk. We always see this shipwreck when the tide is low and I often wondered what this ship looked like in it's full glory. I wish that Papa E was with us when we went for a walk and that it wasn't raining to enable me to go closer to it to take a more detailed shot. Not that you can expect too much detail using a camera phone!

I love seeing this as it reminds me of the first shipwreck that I've seen many years ago when we went snorkeling in the beautiful and clear waters of Coron. The difference is that you have to be in the water to see the one in Coron, whilst you have to wait for the low tide to see the one here in Southampton. Medyo weird no?

1 comment:

  1. sis does that mean nakalubog siya kapag high tide? Ang weird nga. hehehe. If not, mas weird kung nawawala siya sa high tide. hehehe. Ang ganda ng shot sis pwedeng postcard.