National Trust

Tuesday 8 May 2012

Our National Trust membership pack has finally arrived. National trust is a charity that works to preserve and protect historic places and spaces. They charge an entrance fee to be able to access the beautiful properties but individuals or families can also avail of an annual pass which would allow the pass holder unlimited admission to the Trust properties.

The membership pack came in a beautiful envelope which was decorated by photos of some of their properties. Enclosed is everything that you need, the National Trust handbook which contains all the details of all their properties, membership cards, Map guide, copy of the latest magazine (you will receive 3 editions per year), car park sticker and a free gift, we received the binoculars.

We decided to become a member after hearing from our friends as well as my partner at work that it is well worth it. There is a lovely garden not far from here that we could frequent as well as some of the hundreds of other places that we could choose to visit throughout the year. We feel that it's important that Poj learn at an early age how to appreciate nature as well as the importance of the preservation of historic places. Now that our membership cards are here, all we're waiting for are good weekends to be able to use it. =)

It was a lot warmer today and it didn't rain & how we wish that today was the weekend =( Today would have been a good day to try it out...  Nevermind,  Poj and I still went out for a good walk.  But now, Roll on summer!


  1. I'll be on vacation leave this Thursday and Friday, sis pahiram ng binoculars and passes niyo, punta ako jan ah. Search nga ako sana dito meron ding charity organizations who will preserve the historical places, nabasa ko kasi sa yahoo, isa ang Fort Santiago sa mga lugar na nanganganib daw masira. Wag naman sana. Haist, I would be very sad if that will happen.

    Ang ganda talaga ng mga programs jan sis, Siguro papunta na jan ang summer, cause it's almost over here. We're having rain showers but it's still hot but not much compared to the past days.

  2. Krizzy_kalokangPinay10 May 2012 at 00:12

    Sige sis! game tara na =) 
    Wish ko nga na sana meron ding ganito sa atin, Oh no, I hope they do something to save Fort Santiago. Hirap sa atin di masyadong binibigyang importante ang heritage natin. 
    Maganda talaga sis, nung bago kami dito nagmember naman kasi sa National Heritage for a year, puro mga castles and ruins naman ang pinoprotektaan nun. 
    Naku sabi hanggang June pa daw ang tag-ulan! Kaloka.