Pastry Anyone?

Friday 11 May 2012

It's Friday, yay! It was an early and long day for all of us. There are a lot of road works around Southampton at the moment and it's making the morning traffic even worse. Because of this we have ask Poj's nursery to take him in early today (with added cost, of course) to give us a head start in the morning. It worked, thank goodness and we both arrive at work on time. 

I had to start early coz I sat in an interview pannel to recruit a junior member of staff. I was so pleased that it went well and we were able to offer the post to a good candidate. We're so excited for Lee to start with us, plus we're desperate for help as well. After that came a meeting, training and my actual job. Mega busy!

Papa E also had a long day which didn't particularly end well. I just hope he could put the hassles of work to one side for the weekend for his sake, syemrpre naman 2 days na lang ang weekend and I want him to have a break from work kahit papano.

And to unwind we thought to grab dinner out and go to the mall. We've not been there for a long time and we noticed a lot of changes to the shops. The mall is only open till 8pm everyday so we know we didn't really have much time. Just before we left the mall I decided to check out the pastry kiosk on the upper shopping level. They have a huge space but only had a few breads left. I chatted with the guys attending the kiosk and asked how much one costs. They told me that everything is £2 each. But they said they'll make me a deal for £10 for the lot. And as much as I want to be greedy, I know that there is absolutely no way we could eat them all (not that we'd want to!). So I said I'll just buy one. He took my  money but put 8 pieces of different pastries. They said they usually sell out all their baked goods but since it was sunny today there were just too few people at the mall. The extra baked goods were for being a nice and smiley customer, hehe. I know the real reason is that they'll throw all the leftovers away coz they sell freshly baked breads daily. But I'm not complaining, I got all these plus a cheese bread as extra all for £2! Wow!

Pastry anyone?


  1. weeeeeee..penge ako sis delivery hehehe..I'm so glad all is getting well with you all there sis *hugs*..visiting you ;)

  2. seems like good deals really love you sis. Palaging merong good deals on your way and that is because you are a good person who always love to make other people happy.

    Sayang naman kung itatapon yung tinapay. Sana pwede hagis dito so we could give it to street children.