Poj the Biker

Sunday 13 May 2012

Let me start by greeting all the cool moms out there, a very Happy Mother's day =) 

We are blessed with another sunny day. And even if we celebrated Mother's day in March already, we still went out to have a mini-celebration. We went to a Chinese restaurant in town to enjoy some good dimsum. 

In the afternoon,  Poj and Papa E took advantage of the beautiful day by going around our area to play with his bike. You could see in the photo how excited he is, bless him. I can't remember how long they were out but I know that Poj had a fun time cycling. 

We're looking forward to more bright and sunny days like today so that we could all come out and play! =)

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  1. Sis Happy Mother's Day. Ang cute ni Poj. He really looks happy. Wishing you more sunny days to come.