I Love Baths

Saturday 19 May 2012

I love baths. I wish I could lock myself in the bathroom, switch off the light and play some jazz music on my iPhone and enjoy a lovely warm bath more often. But unfortunately I can't. Work and mommy duties take priority of course. Most of the time, it's already late and so I'll put it off for some other day.

But today, Papa E said he'll look after Poj and I could take my time. And it seems as if Poj sensed my need for a little me time & he didn't at any time came in the bathroom to disturb me. 

I must have stayed there for ages coz by the time I went upstairs my boys were already asleep. So I went back downstairs and enjoy my me time for longer by watching good rom com movies and answering some emails via my phone. Thanks boys for a lovely and relaxing Saturday evening =)

1 comment:

  1. Good boys. I am glad that you had time for yourself. You more than anyone deserves it after long hours of work and mommy duties. I know how exhausting those time were.