Put Your Feet Up

Monday 21 May 2012

Poj and I had a fun day today. We watched his new fave TV show the Little Einsteins in the morning and we sang and dance as we watch. And we also enjoyed painting together. I can see him getting excited as we combine colours and begin to create something.

In the afternoon I promised to take him to the park and he can ride his bike only he take his afternoon nap. He said yes and after a lot "pasakalye" he did fall asleep. This gave me the chance to clear up some of the mess and wash the dishes. 

When Poj woke up, he was happy and excited. He immediately reminded me of my promise to take him out =) So I helped him change and off we went around the block with him cycling and I walked beside him. We also went to the park and he cycled around there. He also saw a lot of other kids cycling and playing with their scooters.

So after having dinner and showering, I put my feet up and relaxed while we have a family catch up.  And Poj being Poj, sat next to me and copied me which was so sweet. It's a good day =)


  1. Ang kulit ng paa ni Poj. I love how he put his feet to place. Smart kid I must say. And I am happy to know that Poj had a fun cycling on the park. It's healthy for him.

  2. cute feet.. You had a wonderful day with poj huh? It proves that there are so many things we can in a day. :)

  3. hahaha I so love the picture, sis! ang cute ni Poj... he's seemed to be really mature for his age :)  Can't wait to have moments like this with Tala.. yun bang relax lang haha everyday super hyper kami eh LOL

    Spanish Pinay

  4. Krizzy_kalokangPinay23 May 2012 at 20:51

    Ang kulit diba! Gayahin kahit hirap na hirap! Kaloka!

  5. Krizzy_kalokangPinay23 May 2012 at 20:52

    Medyo mahirap maghanap ng inspiration kapag nakakulong pero kaylangang maging creative, hehe. Thanks sis =)

  6. Krizzy_kalokangPinay23 May 2012 at 20:53

    It'll come. Akala ko rin dati puro na lang ka-hyperan! Pero I have to say hyper pa rin sya at mega daldal, nasanay na lang ata ako, hehe. 
    Thanks hun =)