Sunny Saturday =)

Saturday 12 May 2012

Mr Sun has finally decided to pay us a visit. After a month and a half of rain, it felt like everyone was out today to enjoy the sunshine. Yes, it was still cold, but no one's complaining.

We woke up early for breakfast then went to Poj's nursery open day. They do this several times a year to allow parents to talk to the kids' carers, go through their folder to read the write ups/observations of their carers & see the kids' art works. It was a good decision to arrive early coz it allowed us to talk to two of his carers and go through his folder without the need to rush. We read that since last year he's been good with his letters, numbers, communication with both adults and kids, vocabulary and hygiene. They also told us that Poj loves to do all the activities that they prepare for the kids and would obediently do all the tasks. But they noticed that he is more interested in painting rather than drawing, so we would like to buy him some paints and brushes to encourage that. They also said that he loves music and enjoys singing. They told me that he is doing really well & gets along with all the kids and developing friendship with kids his age. Reading his folder made us even more proud of him, it's just great to know that he is having a fantastic time while learning and making friends. Thanks a lot Woodberry =)

After nursery, we went to the market to buy some vegetables and fruits. We've not visited this market for a while and we were delighted to find that they are still here and selling even more produce. Going to the market reminds me of my childhood days when my mom used to take me with her. Those were the days when they didn't sell fruits and veggies at the supermarket. I love it when my mom haggles and buys what we need at the right price. I also love this market coz they sell produce that we won't find at the supermarket and the prices are guaranteed to be cheaper. We will be coming here more regularly especially now that the weather is getting warmer.

Shortly after getting home,  my friend Sally picked me up to have lunch with out with our other friend, David. We went to David's favourite Chinese restaurant close to where he lives. It was half an hour away from us but we didn't mind since it was his birthday. It was lovely to catch up with them both but was a real shame that our other friends couldn't make it...

Lastly, Papa E was in the mood to do some gardening so we did a bit of that in the afternoon. The garden now looks a lot better but still needs a lot more TLC. Abangan kung kelan ulit sipagin, hahaha!

Cheers to a sunny Saturaday! woot woot =)


  1. Carmina Carbonell13 May 2012 at 03:05

    Dito naman sa amin it's starting to rain na. People start to ask if tapos na ba ang summer. We get rains na every afternoon.

    Enjoy the sun. Happy Mother's Day! ^_^


  2. oh wow, mukang sarap ng mga fruits na yun sa market. I know how much you love when Mr. sun decided to show up on your side of world. Dito palagi sya although may ulan na din and i love it. Good luck sa garden nyo ni papa E. I'm so proud of poj, mukang may little artist ka na. Anyway, happy mother's day sis!

  3. The market looks a lot like the market here... even the place hehe.  good job si Poj! nakakaprodu naman talaga lalo ang ganyang report :) Can't wait till our little kulit would go to nursery din... shux, I am not quite ready pero malapit na talaga sya magschool!

    Spanish Pinay

  4. Yehey bumisita si Mr. Sun sa inyo. Sa amin uulan na yata, yeheeey! 

    Thumbs up to Poj. I am really proud of him too. Let us see some of his paintings ah. Hehehe and let us what the garden looks like.