Costco Day

Saturday 25 May 2012

We found ourselves out of absolutely everything so we made the trip to Costco in Reading. As you know it is a wholesale shop much similar to Makro. One of the perks of working for the health services is that you get discounts to a number of shops in the high street and be able to sign up as individual members at Costco. (otherwise you have to have your own business and sign up as a trade member). 

We don't come here very often because of the distance which is an hour away from us. Plus everything you buy is in bulk. But this is where we buy Poj's Aveeno lotion which is the only lotion that is able to control his eczema. They sell it a lot cheaper, you can get three tubes at the price of just one when bought elsewhere. We also buy his chocolate drink and vitamins here. Ayan, puro kay Poj pa rin, hehe. 

And since it was a lovely day we were able to make the most of the long day (sunset is 9pm) by going to the park in the evening. Poj had a lot of fun playing at the playground. There was also a group of people enjoying a barbeque and I love picnics and barbeques so I'm hopeful that we'll be able to do that one of these days =)

Hurray to long days! yay =)

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