My Little Biker

Tuesday 15 May 2012

Di makadecide si Mr Sun at Mr Rain kung sino sa kanila ang maghahari today so we had pretty much an on and off sunshine & rain the whole day. And poor Poj who has been begging to go out to cycle kept checking the window to see if it has stopped raining. 

So when the sun was out at around 5pm I told him to get his helmet quick and he can ride his bike. It was hitting two stones really coz I needed to go grocery shopping so Poj cycled to the supermarket while I walk beside him.

He's really enjoying cycling and even when he is going up a steep slope he would refuse help from me and say he can do it himself. But as Papa E was busy sorting out the stuff in his car boot (sya po yung asa background, hehe) Poj carried on cycling and forgot how to brake and crashed lightly on the pole. He assured us that he was fine and when I asked him what his reaction was when he crashed, he gave me this look and I took the photo! Haha, astista! lol


  1. Artist, musician artista pa. Hehehe. It was nice of Poj to re-enact his reaction. Matalinong bata.  Saka magkakasundo kami ni Poj sa cycling, it's really my thing, so bad nga lang we don't have bicycle lanes here, but if we do, you know what I'll gonna do on my way to work.

    Nakita ko muna picture then binasa ko tas bumalik ako halfway sa words to check kung sino yung nasa background. Tama nga ako, si Papa E nga. Hahaha and sana dalawin kayo ng matagal ni Mr. Sun.

  2. Napaka-cute naman ng facial-expression niya!

  3. hahahaha..ina take a pix..pang going bulilit oh..visiting you sis *hugs* ;)

  4. Carmina Carbonell16 May 2012 at 14:28

    He's so cute.  My Calli has been bugging us to buy her a bicycle too. Pero masyadong steep ang kalsada dito sa lugar namin. Parang delikado. I hope you have more sunny days so Poj can enjoy his bike more. ^_^