Happy 3rd Birthday, Poj

Thursday 31 May 2012

Today is a very special day, as it is our little man's third birthday. The day was all about him so we asked him what he wanted to do.

We initially wanted to take him to a nearby soft play gym but he said he wanted to go swimming, so that's what we did. If Papa E didn't have to go to an important meeting at work, we wanted to go to Alton Towers water park and stay there overnight. He loved the pools there as well as the kiddie water rides when we went there before. We decided to go to Romsey Rapids instead. My colleague always rave about the place coz he takes his boys there after work when his wife is working on the late shift. 

And since today is a weekday, we practically had the pool to ourselves. Poj had lots of fun swimming back and forth in the pool. No wonder he was already tired and sleepy after just swimming for 2 hours. We're so proud at how confident he is on the water, going from one end of the pool to the other with just his swim armbands. 

We also planned to have a little picnic at the park in the afternoon but he wanted to go home instead, to play with the new paint stuff that we gave him in the morning. I wish I am creative enough to be able to encourage him how to do it properly but he seems to be fine by simply making random strokes on a piece of paper =)

In the evening he told us that he had a great day and we are so pleased. Happy 3rd Birthday, Jace Ethan! Ama and Ina loves you so much =)

I'll be posting more photos of his day tomorrow on my KP blog. 

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  1. happy happy birthday Poj..stay happy and cute ;)