So Sweet!

Friday 27 January 2012

I love cakes and chocolates but were never a big fan of candies. But when I saw these at West Quay Shopping Mall in town I just couldn't help but smile.  Somehow it reminded me of the sari-sari store ni Manang a few blocks from our house when I was a kid. She had those massive clear jars with colourful goodies similar to these on display. 

Little Poj asked if he could have some Minstrels chocolates. I said yes coz I know it would only dispense a few and thought I'd give him a treat. Papa E and I went for the Bubble King. Its the round bubble gum that comes in different colours and costs 50 pence each. It was a lot bigger than the ones Manang used to sell but has the same sweet taste on the outside.

Buti na lang the mall was closing in 15minutes and the place was nearly empty, we stayed there for a bit and looked at all the goodies. I could not believe how many kinds of candies were on display! (Talo ang tindahan ni Manang!) Poj must have thought it was magic, coz when his Ama turned the dial, the sweets came out.  And I have to add that he was even more impressed when Papa E started blowing bubblegum bubbles =)

Hayz, buti na lang Poj knows it's only a treat and after we had our fun, he was more than happy to say"goodbye candies!"


  1. weeeeeeee..candies..your site always makes me smile I would wish to have a happy and complete family like yours are so blessed and you deserve it..stay happy and Krizzy..your hubby and son is more than blessed to have a caring, loving wife and mother all in one..God bless you *hugs* ;)

  2. I suddenly felt nostalgic about the red, tiny, bubble gum we used to buy at the sari-sari store. Batang 90's hahaha.  Hope you enjoyed those colorful treats.