Lazy Dinner

Thursday 19 January 2012

We were feeling really hungry and lazy (not the best combination, I know!) and thought that since we were already out, that we just grab something to eat before heading home. And upon seeing the flashing "OPEN" sign on the door of Subway (calling us in, lol), we knew the decision was made for us. 

We've not had a Sub for ages and I know Papa E has been craving his favourite, the Meatball Marinara. I on the other hand had the Subway Club. What we like about Subway is that they make the bread fresh on site and they make the sandwich how you want it. Imagine the bread  fresh from the oven, with meat or tuna, salad & sauce of your choice made just how you want it. 

Papa E loves his subs with the works (lettuce, tomato, cucumber, olives, chillies, bell pepper, onion) whilst I prefer mine with everything apart from chilli & onion. => yum! 

Have you guys had a lovely sandwich lately? 


  1. Subway club ang fave ko at pinapalagay ko lahat ng veggies tapos mustard at sweet onion naman ang sauce.

  2. i like subway! :))

  3. Yummy nga. If I'm there, I'll get  the same except the onion. And to think na fresh from the oven ang bread, hala kahit wala ng palaman okay lang.  I used to order sandwich in Tropical Hut (Daan nga ako maya). I love their Tuna Sandwich and Club house, pero nothing will beat your Subway.

  4. i had subway once and that was like eons ago. di ko na matandaan ang lasa, all i remember is, nakakabusog talaga siya. so i think dapat na kong bumili ulit hehe...

  5. Don't worry your not alone. There were times that we are lazy to cook. Instead we go to drive thru or take aways. I like Sweet and Chilli sauce chicken wrap ng Mcdo. Masarap din ang subway kaso sobrang laki hindi ko ma-ubos. hahaha