Madeira Cake

Saturday  14 January 2012

Today was a proper "chillax" day. It was cold and frosted when we woke up, and Poj has runny nose so we decided to just stay at home today.

And just when I thought I wouldn't have any photo to post today, Papa E asked me if I have any ideas on how we could rescue our lemons.  And similar to what I do with over riped bananas, I decided to bake a cake. The Madeira cake is easy to make which only needs the juice of 1 lemon, flour, sugar, eggs and butter.  Once it's all mixed I just left it in the oven for an hour and played with Poj while waiting. I didn't even notice the hour passed by until my timer went off!  And the best part of course, is that its moist and delish =)


  1. mother na mother Poj get well soon ok..*sniff sniff*..passing by Kristeta ;)

  2. Masarap nga yan sa coffee madali pa gawin!

  3. I am hoping Poj is way better now. Poor kiddo, siguro dahil sa weather saka sa allergen sis. That's the reason for my sufferings.

    Another delish cake. Nag-crave nanaman ako. I can't wait to taste your masterpieces. 

  4. I bet it is delish.. Your a genius sis Papa E must really love you for it. Poj has runny nose? aww poor kid. I hope he'll feel better soon.