Friday The 13th

Friday 13 January 2012

Hay naku, na-Friday the 13th ata kami! 
We woke up to a cold, 2℃ morning. The car was frosted for the first time in weeks. When Papa E went to switch the engine on, it just won't start! He tried several time to no avail. And since neither of us know anything about cars, we knew we need to call RAC, our breakdown and recovery cover. 
They told us that we need to upgrade our cover because it does not include breakdown at home.  So we had no choice but to pay them £60 upfront to come to our rescue.
When "Chalky" arrived and diagnosed Tony (our car), he told us that we needed a new battery - this costs £75.  So we were £135 (PHP 9,047) poorer and it's not even 9am! 
But nevermind, Tony and it's battery is  now 5 years old, so the batt must really be at the end of it's life. And looking at the bright side, at least it happened when we were at the comforts of our home and not when we were in the middle of nowhere.  And even when we were an hour late for work, both our managers were understanding about what happened =)


  1. Hahaha, natawa ako. Remember I told you earlier na nakita ko sa post mo yung sasakyan niyo, akala ko sasakyan niyo to. Ngayon ko lang nakita na yung RAC pala to. Liit kasi ng image sa phone hindi ko mazoom dahil mahina signal ko. Natawa lang ako upon seeing the picture in the desktop.

    Hala buti pa si Tony na make-over, hehehe, di bale sis treat mo na yun sa kanya, gift nung nakaraang pasko.  At buti talaga hindi sa kung saang lugar siya tumirik. Ngayon kampante kayo na kahit saan at kailan maaasahan niyo si Tony.

  2. Inconvenience happen, but there's always something good in them. :) 

  3. hay is expensive but at least nothing happened along the way safe always ok..*hugs* ;)

  4. oh no, P9k agad in few hours. pero i agree, at least nasa bahay lang kayo.