Done in 12 Minutes

Saturday 21 January 2012

Kristeta cooked dinner? That's breaking news indeed, lol =)

Papa E and I have been together for donkey's years that we just know each others tasks in the house. We don't have a housekeeper so we have to share the chores. He cooks most of our meals but I understand that sometimes he wants to take a break from the kitchen (this is very rare)

He asked me to prepare tonight's dinner, which I don't mind at all coz it gave him the chance to play with Poj. I can cook but I prefer to bake. But if I'm asked, I would always go with the simplest recipe. 

And tonight is no exception. This 12-minute carbonara is one of the recipes I cook when I'm in a rush or too lazy to labour in the kitchen.  It was so quick and easy that it gave me time to sort out the laundry & still dish out our meal on time. 

carbonara recipe


  1. Kaya pala I was craving for pasta the other night sis, nagluto ka pala. Nagutom ako bigla. Ilang araw na rin akong walang appetite for any kind of food. haist. 

    Wait 12 minutes, bilis naman nun. Share mo naman sis kung paano dahil favorite ko ang pasta - carbonara, pesto, spag, alfredo. wahhh, nagutom tuloy ako. Wait labas ako, bibili lang ako.

  2. pareho tayo, pasta din kami last night, (feeling nagda-diet) =)

  3. naku, pasta is one of our staple food here (aside from rice chempre).  I so loooove pasta... most of time, imbento ko lang ang sauce haha.  Have you tried pasta and sardinas? Sarap!

  4. Krizzy_kalokangPinay30 January 2012 at 23:46

    another thing we have in common sis! I love it, yup tried it na rin. Kanina had pesto with anchovies =) You'll have to cook me a pasta dish when we come to visit =)