My Little Helper

Monday 30 January 2012

He woke up happy and excited coz it was snowing outside, the first time here in the south this winter. He was glued to the window watching as the snow flakes fall from the sky. =) Excited na nga, he wanted to go out & make a snowman! I told him that the snow is not going to settle & it's too cold outside. 
And he was good as gold today. Grabe ang tuwa ko sa super pagiging helpful nya. He wanted to help me with just about everything! From the laundry to cooking and even with the dishes =)
Ang sarap no? Ito ang isa sa lagi naming pinagpepray, that he grows up to be a good boy - matulungin, masunurin at magalang not only to us his parents but to everyone =)


  1. 4 year old boy does it too..though sometimes when he says..nanay tulong ako laba wahhhhhhhhhh his clothes becomes so wet because his blowing bubbles but it is a fun bonding moment for both of us and my 7 year old daughter naman hay naku she always wants to cook with me which I really appreciate she always says nanay junior master chef ako hahaha..bata pa cla but they know how to help nanay because they can feel how hard it is being a single mom..passing by Krizzy magandang umaga ;)

  2. Wow, two thumbs up for Poj!!!  He's growing not only as a cute boy but caring, loving, and industrious too.  And I would like to commend you sis  for a job well done. You raised him well.  Look at him, so serious with what he's doing.