Wasted Day, Not!

Hindi talaga nakisama si Mr Sun sa amin at sa aming bakasyon =( So we have to change our plan and so for today we decided to make the most of the day by enjoying our beautiful hotel. The original plan was to spend the whole day in Paris. We've been there before and I absolutely love the place.  We didn't want to risk it baka magkasakit pa si Poj, mahirap na lalo na asa ibang lugar kami at di marunong magFrench! 

Going to Paris is more for us than for Poj. We know that he is much too young to appreciate it & would just get tired & bored, not to mention soaked wet. And since it's only a few hours away via train from London, we promised to go back when Poj is a bit older.

So what did we do today? We enjoyed the indoor pool & jacuzzi in the morning & went back to Disneyland Park in the afternoon. Poj also had fun in the slides in the garden of the hotel whilst I had a lovely me time by the pond which was a few minutes away from the hotel. Thank goodness the weather here was a tad better than in main Paris, kundi talagang asa loob lang kami ng hotel.

Not bad I think for what I originally thought would be a wasted day =)

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  1. I was wondering kung malamig ang tubig sa pool, kasi parang giniginaw ako pag nakikita ko hehehe. Buti na lang you enjoyed the day. Any day spent with the family will be a glorious day.

  2. Awww.. no paris? But I'm glad you still enjoyed the day. Sey is right any day spent with family is a glorious day. Paris will stay where it is forever, but Poj's healthy may not be the same if you risk it. Good thinking mommy! :)