Monday, Coffee & Gift

Monday 2 April 2012

Poj & I took advantage of the sunny day and went out for a walk in the morning. We also walked to the shops and bought pressies for friend's birthday and more stuff that we need for the picnic party. 

In the evening I went out to see a couple of friends, one of which I haven't seen for a while. It was short but still nice, it's always lovely to catch up with friends. I work with Sally at the hospital and we even share the same office but we rarely get to see each other. And Richard now lives in Berlin with his beautiful family and I am rubbish at keeping track of his sched (he is in England every 4th week). I spoke to Papa E and asked him when we could fly there for a visit coz I am dying to see Katrin (Richard's wife) & their gorgeous boy, Oliver again.  Some days it's still weird that we used to work so closely together in the hospital and now she's back to Germany. 

So when I got home I asked Papa E on when we could fly out there for a visit - and he said we'll have a look at it. Yay! I'm excited =)

They also gave Poj a pressie which he loved. He said a big 'wow' when I gave him his little package. He loves the little toy car. He thinks it was cool that he could open the doors. And he loves puzzles and played with it straight away.

I'm planning of inviting them both here for my birthday for some Indian, and maybe I could bake a cake for us too =)


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  1. Yes, it's always lovely to catch up with friends. Sometimes I think that the distance made all the difference. Yung tipong months and months bago kayo magkita then pag nagkita kayo parang ayaw niyo na maghiwalay. hehehe. 

    Napansin ko Poj loves Puzzles.