Papa E's birthday!

Thursday 19 April 2012

Today is Papa E's real birthday. I'm glad he still feels it is special coz we are on holiday (& celebrating it together) even though it rained for the most part of our stay here.

And I can't let the day end without even just a slice of cake. And the restaurant is serving their brownies with a scoop of ice cream even when it's freezing! But I have to say it was rich and moist and very chocolatey!

Today is also our last day here in Paris. So we enjoyed a quiet stroll in the morning and a bit of window shopping. It's sad to say goodbye but we are also glad to be heading home. Namimiss na namin ang mga Pinoy food, hehe.

Happy Birthday again Papa E. We love you! =)


  1. Yum yum. sarap niyan sis, sobrang init pa naman ngayon.

  2. Very sweet of you talaga, sis! :)  Ako din, I can't let pass a birthday without a cake :) hihi.
    Belated to Papa E!