Papa E's Birthday Cake

Saturday 14 April 2012

I've only one word to describe this day - kaloka! Because we moved Papa E's birthday party to our house instead of picnic/bbq at the trout farm, it means we have to cook more food and clean the house para naman hindi matakot pumasok ang mga friends namin sa aming bodega house, lol. Cooking is fine coz we love that, issue lang is the lack of time. I also had to clear out Poj's play area para naman may magalawan kami (dahil sinakop na ni Poj ang aming munting tahanan!)

I won't go into details but I'll just say that at around midnight I'm still wrapping our lumpiang togue! At this point ay gusto ko nang mag-panic, buti na lang mga friends lang namin ang guests kaya we know they'll understand kung hindi kami matapos.

At ang second star of the day, next to the celebrant of course is this cake that I ordered from a colleague. I'm so jealous of her coz she 
is so clever. I think the "Erick" on the cake looks a lot like the real one (although he doesn't think so, lol). She did a great job and I hope it tastes as good as it looks.

Hay, mega excited na kami for tomorrow! Can't wait to see everyone again =)

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  1. How cute is that cake. Ang galing naman ng gumawa ng cake sis, kumpleto sa details.