Last Slice

Thursday 12 April 2012

It's the eve before the last day of work before our week off. Poj is in bed and I'm enjoying the last slice of my chocolate cake with a lovely cup of coffee =) I'm just chilling out after a busy day at work. 

Work has been crazy this week, I've been covering an extra ward which I don't mind. 

I'm trying to get myself excited for Papa E's birthday and our leave but it's just so hard because of the weather. It has been really miserable specially today - we had rain, thunder, lightning and hail! I'm still praying though that nature would be so kind and allow us to have a lovely time away. 

We've also decided to resched Papa E's party to Sunday and we're not going fishing and having barbaque, but just have a simple lunch and dinner at home. We're delighted that our friends could still make it even if the change of date was done last minute. Thanks everyone!

Kaya Mr Sun, we hope you could grace us with your sunshine on Sunday and for our week off next week, teyn chu =)


  1. If I only have the ability to send you Mr. Sun and make him stay away from here even for just a week, i'll do it for you. Sadly, we can only hope. Hayzzz... Super init dito sis. Nakakamatay na yata to. hehe.. OA lang.. 

    I hope you'll get you wish of sunshine and happy birthday kay papa E.

  2. Would you want to borrow Mr. Sun for a while sis? Para kaming pandesal na nasa pugon dito and in no time magiging uling na kami sa sobrang init. Hirap matulog.  I'll pray for a good day on Papa E's birthday. Please greet him for me.