Tara Na!

Monday 16 April 2012

We were too busy with a lot of other things plus the party (& worrying about the weather grrr) that we forgot about our trip to Paris, kaloka! We kept thinking that we still have a lot of time & kept on delaying packing. This is so unlike me as I usually am very organised whenever we are going away. I put it down to the rainy forecast which has made me unenthusiastic about it all. 

Kaya kanina asa panic mode ang lola as I packed our stuff at 1am today, the day of our departure! Now as we are waiting to board I am worried that we may have forgotten something! Hay, never mind... I suppose as long as we have our passports, cards and Sky Disney voucher we should be okay.

Mr Sun sana naman po makisama ka sa bakasyon namin po.... As I'm typing this the forecast is still rainy for the whole week, huhu. 

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  1. Well, since I am updated with regard to your trip na medyo napasaway si Mr. Sun at tumambay dito sa pinas. Ang lolo mo pinapalayas na nga namin dito. hehe.. i'm sure everything will be ok. Don't let the rain ruin your vacation. excited sa mga upcoming pictures. :)

  2. Praying that the sun will give you some warmth once you landed to Disneyland Paris. 
    Say Hi to Mickey for me! :)

    Have fun and Take care, sis!

  3. Kung pwede ko lang itulak si Mr. Sun papunta jan sis para kahit papano maging sunny ang bakasyon at para naman makatulog ako ng maayos. Kairita si sun painit ng painit. grrrrr.