Flowers and Card

Friday 27 April 2012

Thank God it's Friday! This week has not been particularly good. But we are lifting our troubles to God coz we know He would not abandon us...

And today when I came in to work, my manager surprised me with a birthday card signed by everyone on  our team. And my partner at work, Danielle gave me this gorgeous bouquet of flowers. She said she bought it for my birthday and to cheer me up, which it did!

I am also delighted that everyone loved the cake that I made for them. I made the same cake that I did for Poj's friend. I only had Thursday evening to do it so I decided to go for one that is simple to make and is tried and tested. I even got a text when I got home from my colleague who said that it was amazing. =)

Now I am looking forward to the weekend to celebrate my birthday with my boys! Thank goodness for the flowers, card and the weekend =)


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIS. I was thinking of greeting you on G+ which was our old way of communication, alam mo naman blocked na ang twitter ng lola mo...hehehe. Pero dito na lang para makita mo agad. Haist, I was waiting for this day simula nung Monday so that I can greet you. After this si Poj naman. An galing ng mga bdays niyong 3, malapit lang sa isa't isa, you can celebrate in one bid party, hahahaha. 

    Thanks for the friendship and I will you all the best life could bring. God bless and always be a blessing to everyone.

  2. Krizzy_kalokangPinay27 April 2012 at 22:25

    Hello sis, naku nadeactivate ko na rin ang G+ ko kasabay ng FB nung nag- boycott ako ng ibang social networking sites! 
    Many thanks sis for the greeting. Oo nga, ang galing ng birthday namin no? Excited na nga si Poj sa birthday nya. 
    You're welcome din sis. I am happy that I have found friends through blogging. Who would have thought? =)
    YM na lang sis?

  3. YM sis sige or skype kung meron ka. DM mo sakin sa twitter yung username mo para add kita. Marereceive ko yun sa email ko. Nag-boycott ka ng social networking sites? Naku ako dati bonggang boycott din ako, pero ngayon ginagamit ko na lang to communicate with my friends. Other than that twitter and blogspot lang ako madalas active...kadalasan absent pa ako.

    Happy Brithday  ulit sis :) 

  4. Krizzy_kalokangPinay27 April 2012 at 22:44

    Sabi ko naman babalik ako kapag namiss ko sya pero at the mo wala akong oras na mamiss sya, hehe. Twitter ko nga ilang araw ko ng hindi nabubuksan! Kalerky! =)

  5. ako din madalas absent sa twitter ngayon sis, lalo na wala na ako twitter dito sa office. Pag-uwi ko naman sa bahay itutulog ko na lang kesa magbukas ng computer. Feeling ko kasi I also need time away from the computer (may ganun pa  hahaha).