Indoor Camp

Tuesday 3 April 2012

Somehow I feel that we've now had our taste of spring/summer and that we are back to winter. Gone are the sunny days that we've had for the past few weeks and the days are again dark, grey and cold. It was even snowing in some parts of the UK! Kaloka!

So when Poj asked if we could put up the tent outside, "uhm hello hun, can't you see how wet it is outside" ang gusto kong isagot sa kanya but had the idea of putting it up inside the house. Super excited si Poj sa aming indoor camping, he took pillows, blankets & some of his toys inside the tent. We even had our lunch there. He wanted to take his nap in the tent but without camping beds it was really uncomfy so I persuaded him to go to his Thomas bed instead (buti na lang at pumayag).

So please, Mr Sun sana magpakita ka sa amin for the next few weekends para naman makapagmini-camping kami outside =)


  1. wala dyan si Mr. Sun sis, pano he's here.. kaloka ang init na dala nya. I would be happy to trade places anytime.. hehe..

    Anyway, the idea of putting up a tent inside the house to make that little uber cute boy happy i definitely worth it. look at his smile. precious!

  2. Krizzy_kalokangPinay4 April 2012 at 21:14

    Oh no, sis pa-share naman kay Mr Sun please! 
    It was, and as much as we want to do it outdoor, eh ok na rin na sa loob mas malinis sya hehe =)

  3. Natawa ako sa comment ni Twin sis kasi sasabihin ko dapat kaya wala jan si Mr. Sun kasi andito siya. hahahaha. Gusto niyo muna hiramin? kaloka tapos pahiram niyo muna samin ang cold weather jan.