Poj, Library & the Walk In Centre

Friday 23 March 2012
Today is not one of my favourite days. It started with Poj complaining of pain behind his ear, I also noticed him waking up with sticky and puffy eyes plus a raised temperature. It looked a lot like the viral infection that I had before. The only thing with a viral infection is that you can't take other meds apart from pain killers and you just have to rest and wait for your body to cure itself. We rang our GP surgery (clinic) and that was the advised that we received.

And as much as I would like to look after Poj myself unfortunately I haven't got any carer's leave left. So Papa E took the day off to be with him.
Work was pretty rubbish too, it was busy and it felt like I was defeated before I began. I even left with unfinished work & I hate that.

When they picked me up from work Poj was still complaining about the pain so we decided to take him to the walk in centre. The health system here is free which is great in a lot of levels but on the down side there are procedures you have to follow and you can't go straight to a consultant to be checked. When the GP surgery is closed you have to go to a walk in centre. Obviously if it is really serious you can go to the A&E (accidents & emergency) straight away. In both the walk in centre and the A&E they prioritise each patient based on the severity of their condition. So even if you're the first one to arrive it does not necessarily mean that you're the first one they're going to see. And that's what happened to us.

The centre was still closed when we arrived so we waited at the library where Poj played with the toys and read some books with us. It's a good thing that he liked it there coz the last thing we want is for him to be bored. 
At last it was time to go to the walk in centre. We were the first ones there since the library was just across it. But there were a lot of patients with more serious problems/illnesses and they were the first ones that were seen. We were called after over an hour and by this time it was already late. Poj was tired and sleepy while we were starving. They said his tonsil's were a little inflamed and his temp was raised. I was told that it was definitely viral and just continue with the pain killers. His ears were fine, so no ear infection to worry about even if he has the sniffles.

We are just glad to have it checked, again better safe than sorry, right? But Poj was really tired because of the long wait and it was past his bedtime when we got home =( He didn't have an appetite for dinner coz all he wanted to do was to go to his Thomas bed and sleep.
Hay, I hope he feels better soon, it's never nice when someone is poorly but it is always worse when it's your little one.…



  1. Poor Poj. Pareho kaming may sakit and it all started with my tonsils. I went to Puerto Galera with officemates not feeling well but I still enjoyed the time but not to the fullest. I still feel unwell but I hope Poj is feeling better.   The good thing is that the health system is free. :)

  2. Krizzy_kalokangPinay3 April 2012 at 23:22

    How was puerto sis? Sayang wala ka ng twitter sa office di na tayo makapagchat. Hope you're feeling better. 
    He felt better the same weekend & was able to go to nursery on Wednesday, thank God =)