Party Invite

Friday 9 March 2012

TGIF! Papa E and I were excited to pick Poj up from the nursery. He was playing in the garden when we got there. They told us that he had a good day, really happy - the happiest they've ever seen him. We were so pleased to hear this. Having to leave him to be cared for by others was a difficult decision that we obviously had to make. But seeing him happy and learning so much makes it all worthwhile. I love it when he talks about his friends and what they did everyday when we get home =)

And one of the names that always crops up in Poj's stories is Imogen. So you can just imagine how excited he was to show us his party invite to her birthday party! Kaloka, may social life na talaga ang baby ko! We've yet to RSVP but judging with Poj's excitement, we definitely have to go.  He is well excited and could not stop talking about it, lol =) Sweet!


  1. hala my little boy is going to school on June..I am so nervous huhuhu..I hope he can also enjoy without me on his side..

    enjoy bonding sis Krizzy..habang bata pa si baby Poj hihihi ;)


  2. Buti pa ang Poj may social life. Sama mo naman ako para hindi ako laging tulog. Hehehe, naku don't forget to take picture of Poj and Imogen

  3. Krizzy_kalokangPinay13 March 2012 at 20:29

    Naku big boy na si Kuya magschool na sa June =) You must be so proud. I know you are nervous, but he will adjust pretty quickly and make lots of friends too.
    Oo nga eh, kapag asa school na sya wala na ang mga Monday & Tuesday bonding naming dalawa...

  4. Krizzy_kalokangPinay13 March 2012 at 20:30

    Sinabi mo sis! Kaloka may mga lakad na sya wala pa man syang 3 years old, kaloka! I will do, promise =)