Looking For A Tent Poj?

Saturday 31 March 2012

We were out the whole day getting some stuff we needed for our up coming trip and for Papa E's birthday. But before going anywhere, we dropped by the post office to drop off my daddy's birthday card (fingers crossed it gets there in time). After that we bought our plates, cups, cutleries etc for the picnic party. 

Then we dropped by this camping store to look for picnic table and chairs but little Poj had better ideas. He wanted to look at tents! He was so amazed at the big tents such as this one that has two or three rooms each. He keeps saying this one's my room, that one's yours Ama and that one's Ina's =) He looked at and explored all the tents before we were able to persuade him to go back to the store so we can find what we were looking for. 

After getting what we came there for, Papa E surprised us by taking us to a beach that his colleague suggested to him. It was already late in the afternoon and it was grey and cold so we didn't stay there for very long. It was beautiful and there were a lot to do there.  We promised Poj that we would go back when the weather is better. We may even celebrate his birthday there, weather permitting!

I'll blog about the beach on my KP blog soon. I'm keeping this short coz I'm tired and I still have work tomorrow, boooo! Never mind, it's only till 1pm so it can't be that bad =)


  1. have enough rest sis Krizzy..laki ng tent at as usual Poj always make me smile..ang laki na..visiting you have a blessed Sunday ;)

  2. Krizzy_kalokangPinay3 April 2012 at 23:09

    oo nga eh, ay sala at 3 rooms! kaloka! 

  3. Naku magkakasundo kami ni Poj. If I was there, I will explore the tents with him and we can go camping together. Ganda ng tent, too big for the whole family.