It's Bath Time!

Monday 5 March 2012

It was a cold yet sunny today but unfortunately I had a lot of chores to finish that's why I was unable to take Poj out. He was ok about it though, he had fun running around in the garden whilst I hang the washing. 

I am happy coz I've accomplished a lot today and still had a chance to play, read & have study time with Poj. It's a good thing that I took this photo, my only photo of the day =)
Poj loves his bubble baths and you can just about work out that he's holding a rubber Thomas the tank engine in the photo. Opo, kahit sa bath si Thomas pa rin ang kasama nya! 


  1. Buti pa si Thomas naligo na. Hahaha. Poj is very cooperative. He seems to be just fine with anything and everywhere.  I bet he's even willing to help you with your chores. What a lucky Ina you are sis.

  2. ang cute talaga ni Poj oh..all smiles hahaha..passing by sis ;)

  3. Meron na talaga silang relasyon ni Tomas.. hehe... Poj so cute..

  4. ang cute ng smile :) 

  5. This picture made me smile :)
    Pareho sila ni Akira, they both love bubble baths :)