Our Latest & Most Important Gadget!

Thursday 22 March 2012

Those who know me are aware that I love gadgets. I don't necessarily have to buy new "toys" all the time (not that I could afford them, lol) but I enjoy reading and learning about them. The ones that I have suit my needs and make me happy. But something happened last Sunday that made me realize that we need a new gadget....

Papa E is a diabetic, but we never found the need to own a meter before as his diabetes is well controlled. Last Sunday, we went to Brighton to celebrate Mother's day. We ate breakfast before heading off, although it was only a light one. We found that there were a lot of road works which made the journey longer.  We found ourselves getting hungry halfway through the drive. It was busy everywhere when we arrived as it was bang on lunch time, so we ate at the first place we saw which we think was the least busy - a burger joint. At that point we didn't care coz all we wanted was to eat anything! But unfortunately, their burgers were disappointingly small - parang di pa papasa na pang kiddie meal!  I wanted to order Papa E something else but there was already a long queue at the till. Plus Poj at this point was excited to start our pasyal. Papa E said he was fine and would just eat again when we get to a cafe for our merienda.

We walked around the city and the beach and for our last stop, went to the Choccywoccy Bar du Chocolat. I ordered a cake and hot chocolate for myself but he insisted that he only wanted hot chocolate. He is always worried about eating too much sweet stuff because of his diabetes. He said that the hot choco should get him going until we get home (plus we have some fruits in the car).

Halfway through the drive he started to feel really hungry. I offered him fruits first but they didn't seem to help. Then he started to feel nervous, shaky and light headed. OMG he was hypo! I asked him to stop and get something to eat but insisted that he was fine. Good thing I have biscuits and water in the car which I leave there for emergency. Thank God we got home safely and I quickly prepared dinner for him. He felt better but still not right. 

The following day I asked my friend for some advice about what happened and he told me that basing on the symptoms, it sounded like hypo. But without a meter to check he can't tell for sure. When I saw him at work he gave me this new blood glucose monitoring system for Papa E. Apparently there are programs here where diabetics could get free testing meters. He now needs to check with his GP if he could add the strips and lancets on his prescription as get his medicines for free. He then asked me to make sure that I have glucose tablets or chocolate bars in the car in case it happens again. 

I do hope it doesn't but as the saying goes, it is always better to be safe than sorry. As for Papa E, he has now booked for a review with the specialist. 
It was scary as hell seeing him like that, I really was worried that he might pass out! I told him that if it happens when he is alone, he should stop, eat something and test his sugar level!

Thanks Mr Y for sorting this out for us =)


  1. Naku sis ang hirap pala ng may diabetes. I am glad you reached home safe and sound. Buti na lang Papa E would be seeing the specialist. Better safe than sorry. Nacurious ako paano gamitin ang gadget na yan. I saw in our house before, gamit ng bro ko pero hindi siya diabetic, meron siyang kung anu-anong kagamitan dun para sa emergency, para sa mga taong nagtatanong sa kanya. 

    Nga pala sorry I was not able to reply sa tweet mo yesterday. Our server was reset, and needless to say, blocked ulit ang twitter. Sad-sob. Huhuhu.

  2. Awww.. that wa really scary sis. I'm glad everything went ok. I have a friend who experienced the same, sa MRT pa without anyone to help her. She was rushed to the hospital by MRT people. It scares the hell out of me when she texted me. You're it's better to be safe than sorry.

    That gadget would be really helpful.  I miss you sis. I haven't read the prev blog but sey told during our meeting that you are staying away from baking.. hehe... I'll catch up with you again next time. busy lang ang lola mo... mwahhh..