Poj Attends a Kiddie Party

                                Sunday 25 March 2012

Today is a special day for Poj's close friend Imogen. She turned 3 today and threw a party at Play Shack - a soft play & activity centre.

Imogen is one of Poj's friends from nursery. Hers is one of the names that Poj mentions the most. We were looking forward to meeting her parents as well as the other kids' too.

It was our first time there and we really liked it. It was big enough and has a good layout. The leather sofas as well the wooden dining chairs & tables were comfy. The foods being sold looked good and they even serve Starbucks coffee! Yay =) 

They have 4 party rooms, Surf Shack, Pirate Cove, Princess Room and the Fairy Room which was the one we were in today. The decors and murals are lovely & the size of the room was spacious enough. The kids enjoyed the food and drinks. 

The kids had fun playing there too. Poj had a blast running around with his friends that he didn't want to go home, bless him. He must have thought they were at nursery and were there the whole day! 

I promised Poj we'll be back to play there. It was not far from our home and they've already given us a discount voucher which we hope to use soon. Who knows we may even organise a birthday party for him there too. =)


  1. naks nagpaparty na si poj and mukang meron na syang best friend.. talagang lagi pa nyang bukang bibig ah? how cute..

  2. Krizzy_kalokangPinay29 March 2012 at 21:42

    Oo nga eh. At meron pa syang 2 invites for April. Nakausap ko din ang mommy ni Imogen at sabi nya lagi ding bukang-bibig ni Imogen ang name ni Poj. Ang cute nga na may mga friends na sya =)

  3. Will I be invited for Poj birthday party at the Play Shack? I want to play. Where is Imogen? I want to see her. Poj really has a social life of her own. 

  4. Krizzy_kalokangPinay3 April 2012 at 23:19

    Syempre tita! Si Imogen yung sa gitna katabi ng daddy nya na nakablack. Sayang talaga diko nakuhaan yung nagblow sila ng candle after ng happy birthday song =(