Friday at Last!

Friday 30 March 2012

Thank God it's Friday. It has been a long week for us. Papa E had to drive to Nottingham on Monday for 3hours each way to attend a course and I have to wake up early to make sure he had breakfast before the long drive - he left at 5am that day. And on Wednesday Papa E and Poj had to drop me off to the train station at 630am to catch the 7am train to London and I didn't get home till 10pm. Though tired, we were both glad that we learnt a lot from our days away and made this week a tad more interesting that usual. 

Luckily, Papa E was able to leave work a couple of hours earlier today and he spent this time by buying this week's grocery, collecting his prescription and picking up Poj. They were then able to pick me up on time which gave us a lot of time to go to the park, have dinner at our fave Chinese restaurant and even popped in the mall before it closed for the day.

Whilst I was window shopping, Poj noticed that that were zoo animal rides on Level 1 and he excitedly asked if he could go. I said yes when I saw that there was no one else there. He had fun going around with Ama that he kept waving at me and laughed throughout the ride which lasted for 5 minutes. He didn't want to get off and just as I was about to approach him, the operator said he would give Poj a free second ride. That was really nice of him, and after Poj said thank you, they were off again. Poj's free ride must have given the operator a bit of closing down luck as a family with 3 kids saw us and had a go too!

It was a lovely end to a busy work week! Have a lovely weekend everyone =)

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  1. Napansin ko palaging may freebie si Poj. Nakaktuwa kasi siya. He's well behaved everytime. And ang sipag ni Papa E.