Poj & Basil

Thursday 16 February 2012

 Poj's nursery Carers asked us if we are happy to take Basil, the cute soft toy in the picture, home for a week so that Poj can look after him. 

Poj was really excited and was really proud at wheeling the suitcase filled with all his clothes to the car. When we got home, Poj wanted to play with his toy kitchen. He then asked me to put on Basil's bib so that he could eat the food he has prepared him, ang sweet, lol.

The plan was to take him grocery shopping with us for the weekend and to play with him and his train, scooter and to read books together. He went to bed with his Teddy and Basil next to him =)

I love the little things that they do at nursery such as this one coz it teaches them how to be responsible and caring. And for next month, they told us that they will be incubating some chicks until they hatch and they will look after the chicks, which I think can be pretty exciting for the little ones.


  1. Nagulat namana ako. Ansaveh ko sa sarili ko sino kaya nagpadala kay Basil. later ko na na-realized na it's from the carers and they would like to teach Poj to be a responsible boy. 

    Ang galing ng carers nila. They came up with the great idea. And the chicks will even teach the little ones to be more responsible kasi  they can interact with it. Pwede ba ako sa carers? hehehe

  2. Krizzy_kalokangPinay18 February 2012 at 01:05

    Oo nga eh, super happy kami sa pagalaga nila kay Poj. Haha, I'm sure pwede pero baka maloka ka sa kakulitan ng mga bata! 

  3. Wow! ayos mga carers jan. Buti nlng meron day care centers near your place where you can drop off Poj. Sa area kasi nmin, wala :(