Isa Ka Nang Model!

Monday 20 February 2012

The Audiology Department of Royal South Hants Hospital asked Papa E if Poj could come in to be one of their pretend patient for a photo shoot. The photos would be used for the department's new leaflet. We thought about it and said yes - our good deed for the day =)

We arrived early to make sure he's not rushed or flustered when we get there. He was in a good mood which was a good start. There were three members of staff in the room plus the photographer. He was meant to be there for the play audiometry only. They have a wooden toy boat on top of a table where he would play with the boat men and they would emit sounds from different parts of the room and the audiologist would observe the child if he would respond to the sound and look at the direction of where it came from. (only there was no sound stimulus coz it's only pretend). But since Poj did really well and was not fussed with the photographer taking pics that they took out 2 more wooden toys. They also looked into his ears using the autoscope and lastly they did a tympanometry test where they inserted this machine in his outer ear for a for a few seconds - this is used to check the child's ear drum. Poj was happy to cooperate with all the tests bar from one, he refused to wear the head phones. They did say it is usually used for bigger kids and I said he has not worn headphones before so he was overwhelmed with that. They said they didn't think he'll want to wear it and they have a bigger kid coming for that test. All in all everyone was happy and the photographer got the shots she needed. We were not there for very long and Poj didn't know he was a pretend patient. Bless him, he thought he was just visiting Ama's office and playing with some toys =)

When we finished they gave me a box of chocolates which was very sweet. And they gave Poj a Playmobil toy truck. He was so chuffed that he asked to carry it himself as we were walking out of the department.

'Twas a great day for Poj! He always wanted to go to work with his Ama and was able to do it plus help them out with the leaflet. We're so proud of our little helper =)

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  1. Oh my Poj is really a great kid. He looks so happy with the toy truck and what I am looking forward now is the leaflet. Can't wait to see it.  One factor din siguro sis why he's not bothered with the photographer kasi sanay na siyang kinikuhanan ng picture and he already knows how to socialize. Great one Poj.

  2. Krizzy_kalokangPinay20 February 2012 at 22:34

    Siguro nga sis. The photographer took one photo & showed it to him. E sanay na syang tumingin sa screen. Tsaka kasi hindi sya pressured dun, ang bilis nyang naging at ease sa mga tao sa room =)
    Thanks sis. Ako din excited na makita ang leaflet na ito. Haha, pero take note government hospital ito kaya who knows kung gaano kabilis nila ito matapos!

  3. Hello Krizzy I'm back..xensya nagkasakit ang lola kaya di nakabisita ng matagal..

    Poj is really so cute Krizzy and buti pa sya madaling makasalimuha sa tao because my young boy hay naku he doesn't even wants to go to a barber shop he wants always to be with even cutting his hair gusto nya ako..and when we go for check up he always wants to be cuddled ayaw pacheck sa doctor..passing by sis Krizzy ;) magandang umaga *hugs*

  4. I'm a proud tita too! You know why he didn't fuss when the photographer took pictures? Because he's Ina always take pictures of him and he's used to it. hehe.. Poj is cute and he really look smart that's why they chose him. I'm so proud of him din and I know how happy you are and papa E. Show us the leaflets sis. :)

  5. congrats poj! galing galing naman magproject. hehe! si ethan, pag nasa mood lang gusto magpapicture, pero pag wala, never titingin sa camera.

  6. Krizzy_kalokangPinay21 February 2012 at 20:35

    Hi sis! I'm so glad that you're back. I have been busy with work and Poj being unwell too. 

    Naku ok lang yan sis, masarap nga kapag close ang anak sa yo. Siguro kasi nasanay sa nursery where I leave him for 30hours a week. Baka talagang sweet lang ang anak mo sis, ang sarap nga eh =)
    Thanks a lot for always dropping by!

  7. Krizzy_kalokangPinay21 February 2012 at 20:37

    Awww, thanks Tita Mayen! haha, siguro nga sobrang kakakuha ko ng pic kaya wala na syang pakialam! Haha. Thanks a lot sis, what a lovely thing to say. I would show you the leaflet kapag lumabas na =)

  8. Krizzy_kalokangPinay21 February 2012 at 20:38

    Ha, ganyan siguro talaga ang mga bata depende lang sa mood nila. Kaya maaga namin siya dinala doon para di magulat =)