Carer's leave

Thursday 2 February 2012

I was surprised when my bleep went off and it was an outside call. The person on the other line was Poj's nursery manager. She told me that he was poorly and we need to pick him up ASAP. 

They got hold of me at 11am. I haven't done much work yet so I was really guilty that I have to leave my work-partner on her own. But like she said, these things can't be helped.

We are lucky that our managers are very supportive and understanding when it comes to these circumstances. It was really easy for me to tell them that I have to go and they don't make you feel bad about leaving. We have 14 days of carer's leave in a rolling year (at the manager's discretion, of course). But I am hoping that Poj is better tomorrow so that he could go to nursery. As much as I love being with him, I also don't want him to miss out on all the fun and learning he gets at nursery. 


  1. Poor little Poj, paano yan sis, wala kang helper for the day. I hope he gets well too para we can see more of his wits. 

    Ang sarap naman jan, ang daming extra leaves. Kami dito 2 every month lang.  1SL and 1VL earned dapat. Since I was sick last time, I was on leave for 3 days, eh January pa lang. Na-credit naman ang Sick leaves ko kaso bawal akong magkasakit hanggang April. Boooo!

  2. Oh baby Poj is is a good thing to have your managers being considerate in situations like these..get well soon Poj ;)